GOT REPAIR? You do at Mission Repair!

Hello all, the day is here. Tomorrow morning we will be online with our brand new program “Got Repair”. Exclusively from your friends in the electronics repair business, Mission Repair.

I’d like to spin up a drumroll that lasts about 12 hours. Starting now.

This new program is going to set the new standard for businesses like ours and we will grab the attention of ANYONE that needs a small electronic device repaired. Want to know how? We’ll tell you tomorrow morning right here on the Mission Repair blog, also on our teaser site Got Repair, and on Mission Repair. You won’t be able to miss it, it’s the first of it’s kind, and it’s quite unbelievable.

Hey, just a few more hours- if you’re one of the lucky ones and already signed up on our email newsletter list, you’ll be getting something in your email inbox soon.

Thanks, I’ll be back in the morning, sirens blazing.


Our “Got Repair” program is launching next week!

Ok, so I’m really excited about this new program. If you haven’t been following, we are going to take this repair market, tip it upside down, rattle it around, and then put it back together correctly. Got Repair is about to launch!

What does that all mean? Just know that we’re your friends in the business. We want you to LOVE Mission Repair. We want you to rely on Mission Repair. Come Tuesday morning of next week, you’re going to think of Mission Repair as that little guardian angel sitting on your shoulder as you live your life with your small electronics. It’s a bold statement, I know.

My little guardian angel is sitting on my shoulder now and I write this, listening to his iPod and texting, nudging me to push forward. We are on track for a smooth Tuesday release. See you then!

Best, Ryan

Apple is no longer repairing 15″ Aluminum MacBook Pro Screens? Mission Repair is!

Good afternoon my friends, I just heard that Apple is no longer offering 15.4″ MacBook Screen Repairs. Can this be true? Of course. This will happen with end-of-life products and I just heard this from my friend and partner that is an Apple Authorized Service Provider-

So what does this mean? Well you won’t be able to go into Apple or any of their Service Providers and to get your cracked screen repaired on your MacBook Pro. Don’t worry, you know that I have an answer to this dilemma right? Just use Mission Repair. Since we’re not an Apple Service Provider, we don’t have to play by Apple’s rules. We can offer repair on these units for a reasonable cost, repair your portable computer within one business day, and get it back to your location (anywhere in the USA) for just $14 in shipping costs.

What does the screen repair cost you? It’s only $289 installed. This includes a brand new LCD screen panel, professional installation (We’ve repaired over 10,000 macs in the last year alone) and automatic “Got Repair” benefits (more on “Got Repair” later, it’s going to blow you away!)

So rest assured that we’re in business to help with this particular situation. You know, the situation that you’d be in if you needed a repair and Apple couldn’t help. Mission Repair, it’s The Intelligent Choice.

Samsung Flight II Repair = Success!

Good morning everyone, we’re back again with a brand new service that was just released today. The Samsung Flight II menu of services here at Mission Repair.

We are proud to announce a brand new service that is immediately available on our site for the Samsung Flight II and we’ve added a host of services to repair your Samsung screen. The Samsung Flight brings both your worlds come to life on the 3″ touchscreen. Easily access games and the web via an expanded menu: organize your favorite widgets at a touch. Messaging is equally as simple: slide down the full QWERTY keyboard, then press the messaging shortcut key to instantly get started. Your days of double- and triple-tapping out letters are over.

We’re in the business of making broken device right, and the Samsung Flight II is newest on our list. Need more information? Just give one of our friendly sales reps a call at 866-638-8402.

Thanks, Ryan

Acer Aspire 5251-1513 Screen Repair Service Announced!

Hello all, our Acer laptop repair division is really full-steam ahead. We just launched a new Acer Laptop Screen Repair today for the Acer Aspire 5251-1513 model laptop. We will get your Acer in for repair, install a brand new LCD screen within a day, and get it back to you so you can get back to work 😉 All for just $169 installed.

Our solution for repairing Windows based laptops is growing by the day. We’re here to help and love expanding our service offerings. It’s what we do.

Thanks, Ryan