But what happens if I break my phone the second time?

Good morning friends,

We get repeat customers every day. This is just a fact of the business, and if you drop your phone and crack the screen once, it’s a drag. But let’s say you have it repaired and then drop it again; you might just be plain mad!!

That’s why I came up with a program that’s exclusive to Mission Repair. Other companies have tried to copy our program, but we pioneered this benefit for OUR customers. That’s why we get more repeat and loyalty from our customers than the next “pop up” repair business down the street. Let’s discuss it.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 10.47.18 AM

The number one service we perform is fixing cracked screens for many different products. Even worse, we’ve seen many repeat customers for the same repair. Mission Repair wants to stand out among the competition by offering benefits with our repairs that other businesses don’t.

Allow us to elaborate:

Think of it as “The Real Lifetime Warranty”. Check the competition. When they offer lifetime warranties, this doesn’t include breakage again on the part you had repaired. What good is a lifetime warranty on a piece of glass that only fails when it breaks? Our “Got Repair” program covers re-repairing damaged glass and screens.

Think of it as a “Thank You” for coming back to Mission Repair. If you have your device repaired with us, you already know that it can be broken. And if you should somehow accidentally or intentionally damage it again, we want you to come back to Mission Repair. We would make more money by charging you full price but you may decide not to repair your device more than once. Our “Got Repair” program benefits encourage repeat business with a special thank you to every Mission Repair customer.

Think of it as the “New Standard” in which services should be performed. Mission Repair pioneers many programs and we set the standard for the market.

Think of it as the opposite of “Insurance”. Insurance is just that. You buy insurance “in case” something happens to your unit. If nothing happens, you still pay. Additionally, most insurance plans require a deductible and stringent rules to filing a claim. Our “Got Repair” benefits cost you nothing up front. Rather, we charge a small service fee for any repeat repair. You can have the unit re-repaired once or 1000 times, this service fee will remain the same.

Compare it to AppleCare + from Apple. Read our blog about the savings here!

Let’s see how it works in real life:

Order a service that includes the “Got Repair” Benefits. Our iPhone 3GS Glass Repair Service is an excellent EXAMPLE and the product picture looks like this on our website:


We’ll then perform our Award Winning Service like usual and get the repaired unit back in your hands. We are in the business of Nationwide 24 Hour Service and while-you wait repairs for walk-in customers.


Then at ANY TIME in the future, if you break this same iPhone 3GS Glass again we’ll repair it for a $20 “Got Repair” Service Fee. Remember, you can have the same unit re-repaired as many times as you’d like, there is NO LIMIT. NOTE – THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF THE IPHONE 3GS GOT REPAIR SERVICE FEE. DIFFERENT FEES APPLY TO DIFFERENT REPAIRS.

Mission Repair, The Intelligent Choice. Need to use your Got Repair benefit? Just call your nearest Mission Repair location and tell the representative “Got Repair!”. We will set your Got Repair order up for you.

FAQ’s and Terms of the “GOT REPAIR” program.

Thanks for reading, talk to you again soon. Ryan

Do you need a reliable repair center for your business or school?

Hello folks, it’s no secret that Mission Repair is a leader in iPad repair. In fact, we’ve received the “Gold Award” from the independent TopTenReviews.com 4 years in a row, for the best iPhone repair website on the internet! We directly reach thousands of customers each month and perform services like no other business on the planet by offering the best overnight shipping rates, amazing repair prices and the best LIFETIME warranties available. I mean the “best available” because we invented them! See our GOT REPAIR program details 😉

What makes Mission Repair even more unique is the sheer number of customers that we indirectly reach. We provide service options to over 100 other small businesses, schools and large retailers as a True 3rd Party Depot Repair Center.

You may have noticed that iPod or iPad repair was available at a retailer or online, or even in your hometown – and we have partnerships with businesses like these to perform their repairs while they make the money! All they need to do it take advantage of their location and offer the same services we offer. We give deep discounts to large volume dealers and everyone wins. . .especially the customer.

Additionally, we are giving deep discounts to schools and Government agencies that require ongoing service contracts and repairs for the 1:1 programs that are being adopted across the nation. Why pay for insurance that you may never use when we can show you how it’s going to be much less expensive by signing a Mission Repair Service Contract.

We have really stepped up our Dealer communications (we now have a toll-free dealer hotline!) that is available to all dealers that are on contract with Mission Repair. This was born out of necessity as the calls just keep coming in. Our dealer service department is staffed and ready to take on the world – one iPod repair at a time 😉 Give us a call!

Best, Ryan

Misson Repair Memorial Day Weekend Hours! Duly noted. . .

Hello folks, we’re hard at work here at Mission Repair getting orders out for the big holiday weekend approaching! I’m running around my business like a madman, trying to put the finishing touches on a few items so we can get out of here for the Memorial Day Weekend approaching! Here’s an action shot of our resident Marine, Ryan Flynn stripping down an iPhone for a glass repair:

Ryan Flynn – master iPhone technician!

We have a new process and production line here at Mission Repair with several stations (“Flynn” is working at Station #3 – assembly) and he’s always down for a picture. He’s a great guy and technician.

I just wanted to let you all know that we are open for business as usual on Saturday and Sunday, but we are closed for Memorial Day on Monday May 28, 2012. Our offices and service lab are closed for the day. Don’t worry though, we’ll continue to press forward even though we’re short a day this month, we understand how important it is to have your repaired devices back in your hands asap.

Do you have any big plans for the weekend? I’m thinking “boat”, I don’t know why 😉

Take care, Ryan (Arter)

What separates Mission Repair from the rest? Let’s talk…

Hello everyone, I’m going to cut right to it. . .

We have a value-added benefit that was originated and invented right here at Mission Repair. It’s our GOT REPAIR limited warranty that no one else offers and it’s needs to be heard!

There’s no question that glass repair on iPhones, iPads, iPods and Laptops is our biggest selling service- we are replacing glass panels more than all of our other services combined. The issue is that our customers have accidents. This is really the bottom line and it’s typically when one drops their device on a hard surface like a parking lot. Normally this will cause the glass to shatter and sometimes render the touch-digitizer useless!

Of course, Mission Repair is THE SERVICE CENTER OF CHOICE, and we’ll get that glass replaced, tested and sent back to you within a day. A lot of our competition have adopted this very process as well, but there’s more than meets the eye.

What the competition isn’t doing is offering a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT BENEFIT if you use our service. Let’s dig a little deeper into the details:

1. Let’s say you crack your glass, you shop around, then then you decide that Mission Repair is the reputable, stable, best service provider you can find. Congratulations, you’re in good company. 100,000 customers can’t be wrong!

2. We’ll replace that cracked glass for you, with a brand new part in 24 hours and get it back to you at a fair up-front price. You’re in control of the repair at all times!

3. Now, you’ve got your device back and you’re happily moving along with your life and imagine what would happen if you had a second accident. SMASH! What to do? If you used another repair center, you’d have to once again pay full price to have your device repaired, even if the second accident happened within a day of the original repair! NOT AT MISSION REPAIR!

4. You’d immediately dial 866-638-8402 and tell one of our friendly sales reps that answers the phone “GOT REPAIR”!

5. The friendly representative will set up a “GOT REPAIR” order in our system and explain what to do next – the bottom line is that you’ll NEVER pay full price again, as many times as you need, FOREVER. This is an amazing peace of mind because as you know well enough – accidents can happen, and Mission Repair is here to help.

Want details on our GOT REPAIR program benefits? Click here! It’s the best iPhone insurance money can buy, and we don’t even charge you for it when your initial repair is made!!

OK folks, back to the telephones- they are blazing up today. I think it’s the impending holiday weekend that is approaching, everyone is scrambling to get their repair orders in and shipped back out.

Take care, Ryan

Half a Million Readers can’t be wrong!

Hello everyone, just a quick blog, about my blog, because we are just a few days from reaching a milestone.

We're getting some respectable numbers.

*Almost* 500,000 unique readers and growing! We are averaging about 600 new sets of eyes every day – so next time you’re on the bus, waiting in line at the bank, or at your neighborhood grocery market – ask a stranger about the Mission Repair blog. Chances are you’ll run into good company somewhere 😉

Wow, 4:45pm on Thursday afternoon already. I’m still working on this morning’s emails. Yikes, I’m outta here.



Hello again folks – we’re at it again. We are amidst a record-breaking month here at Mission Repair and our forecast calls for amazing repair numbers in April as well…

Thank you for reading - from the owner!

The iPad repair program is really taking off. We’re now servicing many schools around the country with our spectacular iPad repair program. We’re happy to help!

Our iPhone Repair service bring us to the top of the heap. We’ve won the “GOLD AWARD” on the independent TopTenReviews.com 4 years in a row as the BEST IPHONE REPAIR WEBSITE. The competition hates it. We love it.

Did you know that we repair laptops? We are screen gurus and there isn’t a Mac or PC laptop out there that we can’t fix. We are experts at replacing MacBook Unibody glass. Yeah, they are all just $99 installed.

iPod repair. Well this has been a staple at Mission Repair for years. Why not have that old unit repaired rather than let it sit in a junk drawer? I’ve been repairing iPods since 2001 when they first came out. Trust me, we know our iPods. You’ll find other websites claiming that they have been in business for a long time, or that they are the “biggest” repair center in the USA, or that they are the “Premier” service company in the country. When you’re shopping around, just give those companies a call and make sure that you can reach a live customer service person. This will tell you a lot. Try it with us TOLL FREE at 866-638-8402.

I completely understand that this all sounds great, but it still costs money to have your item repaired. Yes, I want you to remember us. I want you to become a fan for life. I want you to be a customer in the future. That’s why we’re here and we are in it for the LONG HAUL. I have a 15% off coupon for you that starts today and ends Tuesday 3/27/12 at Midnight. Why is there a special? It’s because you’re reading this blog.

Use coupon code “FRIENDS” and we’ll take 15% off that next repair with us. Remember that it expires Tuesday!

Thanks friends, Ryan

Camping trip was a success!

Hello all, I know you’ve been dying to find out. . .did I make it back from the wilderness this weekend? 😉

Yes, all went well, Lennie and I are back in the office after spending a couple of solitary days outside. Yes it got a little chilly during the evenings and admittedly I’m a little sore from all of the hiking that we did. We were on the shoreline of Truman Lake in Clinton, Missouri and were able to have the entire campgrounds to ourselves. I mean, who else would go camping in December?!?

It was an awesome experience, here’s a shot of our site after we got set up. The Deuce was our tent:

Here’s Lennie snacking on some pop corn:

I made it to the top of the rock pile. . .eventually!

Sitting by the fire with dinner:

By the end of the weekend, I wanted to stay out another day, but I knew that I needed to get into the office and get to work. This is a killer week for us and we’re doing everything we can to get ourselves caught up and shipments out before Thursday. The holiday week is upon us, Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. I hope you get a chance to go outside and sit by a fire once in a while. . .it’s a great feeling.

I’ll be back shortly with more great Mission Repair information and deals!

Best, Ryan