Note II Repair Services at Mission Repair

We are continuing to expand our services and today I want to let everyone know about all the repairs we offer on the Galaxy Note II. The second generation Galaxy Note has a 5.5 inch 720 x 1280 display and is powered by 1.6GHz processor. This is a popular android smartphone and more and more customers are bringing this particular device in for service. Whether your battery is draining quickly, screen is cracked, power button not functioning correctly – Mission Repair is on your side. Whether you are dropping your device off at one of our locations, or shipping it to us for service – our certified technicians will take care of your Galaxy Note 2. Once we receive your device, we will assess the damage and replace the defective parts with your approval. After repair we will test your device one last time then give you a call and notify you it is ready for pick-up or ship it back to you. Not sure what is wrong with your device? We will diagnose it for FREE and give you a call in one business day with a repair quote.

So, if you are in need of a battery replacement, power button repair, dock connector repair, etc. remember Mission Repair is here to help. Our affordable prices, quality repair services, and friendly customer service representatives are here for you. Visit us this weekend, or click the image below to get your Galaxy Note 2 Repair Service started!

Galaxy Note 2 Repair

We all need it overnight.

Hello friends-

Have you had to send anything overnight to anyone, anywhere recently? I just had to mail a letter (I’m talking USPS Priority Mail) to a P.O. Box, and when I went to our local Post Office, it cost me $24.85 to mail a letter (not even a package!) overnight to my recipient.

I was surprised at the amount. I mean this wasn’t a 10lb package, it was a letter for crying out loud. I understand that there are costs involved, especially when I requested OVERNIGHT service, but it just seemed high until I talked to the person beside me that said “if you send it FedEx, it would have been $60!”


Well, I would have sent it via FedEx from my office at Mission Repair, but FedEx doesn’t service overnight to Post Office Boxes. I had no choice but to use the Post Office. Why does the price seem high to me?

We send iPods, Tablets, Computers and a multitude of devices all over the country every day and we only charge $9.99 to send a 1 lb box anywhere in the USA. Well anywhere that’s not a P.O. box! That means any physical residential or commercial address. i.e. your house or work!

It’s $9.99 because we only are charged $9.99 from FedEx…

We don’t make any money on the shipment of course- we just pass the savings onto our customers that want and need overnight shipping. With the shear number of packages that we send we’ve been able to negotiate down our rates to astounding lows.

I spoke to a customer today that said “I live and die by my iPhone. I can’t be without it”. I can certainly understand the priority if you literally live and die by your device. Personally, if I lost my device I probably wouldn’t shed too many tears; in fact, a lot of my daily stress would probably go away. But to others, it their business, or their lifeline, or their only means of communication to the rest of the world and that’s why we offer overnight shipping options on all of our repairs. “Get ’em done fast” I always say.

It sounds like I could charge at least $24.85 for 1lb. overnight shipments…but I won’t. It doesn’t seem right to me so we’ll keep up the pace that we are currently at, and keep offering savings to our customers – which we know you like!

The last part of the rant today – it was about the line at the Post Office. Argh, I’ll save that for another blog!

Take care, have a great weekend. Ryan

Samsung Stratosphere Screen Repair!

Hello M:R Nation –

I have a fantastic price drop for you today and I know you are going to enjoy it! With rigorous vendor negations, I was able to to set a massive price reduction on the Samsung Stratosphere screen repair service! Instead of $149, we now have the Samsung Stratosphere Front Glass and LCD Screen Repair set at just $109!

Samsung Stratosphere Front Glass and LCD Screen Repairs
Samsung Stratosphere Front Glass and LCD Screen Repair
Price: $109.00

Samsung Stratosphere Front Glass and LCD Screen Repair.

This is a win for Samsung Stratosphere owners out there and we are celebrating with you! While we are in the business of staying in business and making money, we are not in business to over charge for our services. So when we are able to pass along a price savings to you, we jump for joy!

Well, it looks like the weather in Kansas City is finally cooperating, so it just might be time for a quick bike ride!

Cheers, Troy


Samsung Galaxy Note II AT&T White Glass and LCD Screen Repair!

Hello M:R Nation –

Its the calm before the storm here in Kansas City and what better time to announce a new repair service than right now? For many years, we have been the go to repair center for everything Samsung and after all this time, this remains true. From the Samsung Infuse to the slew of Samsung Galaxy S III services we offer, you can certainly find what you need at Mission Repair.

This leads us to todays announcement! We are so very happy to announce the new Samsung Galaxy Note II AT&T (white) Glass and LCD Screen Repair! Just like the the sprint version, this thing is massive! With a 5.55 -inch display it is the biggest smartphone on the market! Couple that with the 1.6GHz quad-core processor and you have yourself a real winner!

Welp…I should probably lay some ice-melt down in the front of our facility before the great Winter Storm Q rolls through town. Wish us luck and if you are in the path of this storm, be safe!

Cheers, Troy

Samsung Jitterbug Repair!

Hello M:R Nation –

We have a very interesting service to talk about today. It’s not often that we offer flip phone services due to the growing popularity of the smartphone, but this is different. This is the Jitterbug!

I know what you are going to say, “Isn’t the jitterbug a dance?” Well yes it is, but it is also a very simple and popular cell phone. When I say simple, I mean SIMPLE! No camera, no browser, no kitchen sink… It is just a phone.


Jitterbug repair, broken sasmung screen


But don’t take my emphasis on the word simple as a bad thing. This phone is great for those folks who just want to use a phone as it was originally intended by Alexander Graham Bell, to TALK on. The best feature of this phone is the dial tone you get when you flip it open. It also has a press “0” for an operator option. These are long forgotten about features and I love that someone if keeping them alive.

So why service these? Because you have asked for it! We have had many people in need of this service and who are we to deny? So starting today, we are offering the Samsung Jitterbug A310 LCD Screen Repair at a sickening low price of $59.00 :-)! This service will replace the front view and main LCDs screens.

This kind of news deserves a jitterbug (the dance) don’t you think? I’ll try to get a video of Ryan preforming this dance for you. It might take a few hours and a couple of bottles, but I think I will be successful!

Cheers, Troy