What Is Got Repair?

Hello M:R Nation –

We receive a lot of requests per day to explain what our “Got Repair” Lifetime  Warranty actually is. Please allow yourself a few moments to read some of the information below…


  • Think of it as “The Real Lifetime Warranty”.  Check the competition.  When they offer lifetime warranties, this doesn’t include breakage again on the part you had repaired.  What good is a lifetime warranty on a piece of glass that only fails when it breaks?  Our “Got Repair” program covers re-repairing damaged glass and screens.
  • Think of it as a “Thank You” for coming back to Mission Repair.  If you have your device repaired with us, you already know that it can be broken.  And if you should somehow accidentally or intentionally damage it again, we want you to come back to Mission Repair.  We would make more money by charging you full price but you may decide not to repair your device more than once.  Our “Got Repair” program benefits encourage repeat business with a special thank you to every Mission Repair customer.
  • Think of it as the “New Standard” in which services should be performed. Mission Repair pioneers many programs and we set the standard for the market.
  • Think of it as the opposite of “Insurance”.  Insurance is just that.  You buy insurance “in case” something happens to your unit.  If nothing happens, you still pay.  Additionally, most insurance plans require a deductible and stringent rules to filing a claim.  Our “Got Repair” benefits cost you nothing up front.  Rather, we charge a small service fee for any repeat repair.  You can have the unit re-repaired once or 1000 times, this service fee will remain the same.


You can think of it as many things, but when you boil it down, its simply in place so you NEVER have to pay full price again for the same repair on that Smartphone, Tablet, or Laptop again! There is no catch. You automatically qualify for this warranty by using Mission:Repair the first time around and if you decide that you don’t want to pay the lower service fee, we will gladly let you pay full price again 🙂 Of course I’m joking.

So, if you are trying to choose a service center, please take this benefit into account. That mixed with our free shipping + our multi-year award winning service are just a few things to consider!

Cheers, Troy

First Day Of Summer!

Hello Folks,

It’s officially Summer and at Mission Repair that means one thing, WE ARE BUSY. This is understandable, as most people can’t be without their device during the school year or can’t get away from work long enough. Starting today, we are on an official vacation blackout for the summer and we will be ready to process, repair and ship your orders as we receive them.

I know you have in the back in your mind while you read this that the first day of summer is always June 21st, but I think you might be forgetting about leap year. Don’t worry, my customer service supervisor Jenny, made the same mistake 🙂

Lets celebrate the first day of Summer with a special coupon. Use coupon code: summertime for a 10% discount on your repair or parts order. good through 6/22/12.

Take care, Ryan

Acer Aspire 5251-1513 Screen Repair Service Announced!

Hello all, our Acer laptop repair division is really full-steam ahead. We just launched a new Acer Laptop Screen Repair today for the Acer Aspire 5251-1513 model laptop. We will get your Acer in for repair, install a brand new LCD screen within a day, and get it back to you so you can get back to work 😉 All for just $169 installed.

Our solution for repairing Windows based laptops is growing by the day. We’re here to help and love expanding our service offerings. It’s what we do.

Thanks, Ryan

Acer Aspire Screen Repairs at Mission Repair!

We’re growing our line of Acer Laptop repairs and we launched our Acer Aspire screen repairs today. . .we’re releasing this new repair at an incredibly low price of just $169 installed. This is a huge savings versus other repair centers and we’re trying to make a statement with a bulletproof price point.

Acer Aspire Screen = Repaired!

What else do you get? 24 hour turnaround, expert technicians that have repaired thousands of laptops, a 1 year warranty, a brand new screen, $14 shipping, nationwide pickup. . .the list goes on and on.

Well, I’m catching a flight at 5:00pm this afternoon – actually co-piloting – to a steakhouse about 150 miles away. I’ll be sure and post some pictures next week of the journey. I’m taking my shipping clerk Lennie with us. It’s his first time on a airplane so I’ll try to capture the “moments” on film as we head out of town.

Take care, talk to you next week. Ryan

Acer Timeline LCD Repair Service announced!

Hello all, we’ve just launched our Acer Timeline Screen Repair service. It’s per customer request and now available on our website starting today! We are installing brand new LCD screens and we have the parts in stock to perform your repair by the next day.

acer screen repair service

Looking for a reliable source for your electronic service and repairs? Mission Repair has been in business for years and we’re providing the best service in the nation. Give us a call for more details 1-866-638-8402.

Best, Ryan