GOT REPAIR? You do at Mission Repair!

Hello all, the day is here. Tomorrow morning we will be online with our brand new program “Got Repair”. Exclusively from your friends in the electronics repair business, Mission Repair.

I’d like to spin up a drumroll that lasts about 12 hours. Starting now.

This new program is going to set the new standard for businesses like ours and we will grab the attention of ANYONE that needs a small electronic device repaired. Want to know how? We’ll tell you tomorrow morning right here on the Mission Repair blog, also on our teaser site Got Repair, and on Mission Repair. You won’t be able to miss it, it’s the first of it’s kind, and it’s quite unbelievable.

Hey, just a few more hours- if you’re one of the lucky ones and already signed up on our email newsletter list, you’ll be getting something in your email inbox soon.

Thanks, I’ll be back in the morning, sirens blazing.