Sick Mac? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade! 20% off this weekend!

Upgrade your Mac storage capacity! Did you know that your computer hard drive has a maximum working life of about 3 years?


Most manufacturers will offer a maximum of 3 year warranties on these sensitive pieces of equipment. If your Mac is getting close to 3 years old, it’s just a matter of time that your hard drive will fail. Signs of a failing hard drive could be a loud clicking sound, sluggish boot-up process or some programs may fail to load. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms now is the time to take action.

At Mission Repair, we will not only replace your hard drive with a brand new part, but we can also upgrade it with more storage capacity. This weekend we are offering 20% off our Computer Hard Drive Upgrade installations for Laptops and Desktops if you call or visit one of our locations before Sunday!

For example, an exceptional 1 Terabyte 2.5” 5400 RPM SATA Hard Drive Installation for your Mac Laptop will only be $142 plus tax. This price includes the new hard drive, installation and migration of your data (if possible) and a 3 year warranty on the Hard Drive. If your data is unrecoverable, we will install a clean version of the basic operating system at no additional charge. We will have you back up and running in no time!

This special is good now through Sunday 11/15/15 at 5:00pm CST and cannot be combined with any other coupons and is good for laptop or desktop hard drive installations only. Come check us out!

Take care, Ryan

The truth about MacBook Pro Keyboard Repairs.

Hello there friends,

We get calls at Mission Repair constantly for MacBook Pro Repairs; it’s something that we’ve been doing for 8 years, and I’ve been personally working on Macs for about 19 years. I can attest that the newer the Mac, the harder they are becoming to service.

For example:

We replace keyboards on MacBook Pro laptops. If you’ve ever seen one, or ever used one, you may notice the the keyboard is mounted from under the palmrest, which is different than most PC laptops. Most “Windows Machines” have keyboards that are mounted from the top and can simply be replaced with a couple of screw turns and a cable.

Not on some MacBook Pro computers. In fact, here’s the pile of miniature screws that need to be removed just to simply remove the keyboard from the laptop:

IMG_2547 (1)

Somewhere near 60 screws. Plus, you can only get to it by removing the bottom case, hard drive, optical drive, logic board, battery all related cabling and some brackets. I’ve heard some of my technicians stating that it’s taken them 1.5 hours, but I did it in 47 minutes start to finish. Now, we don’t charge much for this repair and I wanted to share that this is not an easy task, but as a technician “too many screws” just can’t be in our vocabulary! We may think that “this is all screwed up”, or sometimes we might want to say “screw this”, but those are all just jokes!

A bit of advice: don’t spill anything on your keyboard, you can avoid the repair altogether!

Take care, Ryan

They can check in, but won’t check out!

Hi there friends,

We opened up a MacBook Pro today to perform an LCD upgrade and we were greeted with this:


This customer’s unit was clearly infested with what appears to be dead baby cockroaches. Now I’m no insect expert, but these guys certainly don’t belong in there. I am a MacBook Pro expert, and I know for certain that Apple didn’t engineer room for these guys to cohabitate with the hard drive, logic board and other internal parts of this unit.

So I’m just sharing this picture today to let you know that sometimes this job isn’t all glamour and easy. Also, check your workstation at home or at work, wherever you have your expensive electronics; infestation like this could easily cause you expensive problems!

Have a MacBook Pro problem? Give us a call at 913-948-6992 and we can have your device picked up from anywhere in the USA.

Take care, Ryan

A good deed on the way to Colorado.

Hello friends,

It’s Sunday night and we’re sitting in our hotel room here in Lakewood, Colorado…yes, we are getting ready for the big reveal of our new Lakewood Mission Repair that’s opening one week from tomorrow!

On the way in to town this morning, we were driving along highway 70 from Kansas and about 45 minutes from Denver, I spotted a duffel bag on the side of the road. It was just sitting there, so I decided to stop, grab it, and see if I could figure out how to get it back to it’s owner. I pulled over, backed up a bit when the traffic was clear and Lennie who was riding “shotgun” jumped out and grabbed the bag.

Once inside, we found the person’s iPhone, which was passcode locked. Kudos for him for keeping his device safe from someone that might want to do some harm, but it didn’t help our mission today. It was time to dig a little deeper.


There was a clue in the bag along with all of his belongings. There was a flight log book, and a certificate of completion on a training flight that was from the “Front Range Airport” in Denver…signed and dated just yesterday.

So we took a detour and gambled that there would be someone at the airport that could help.

As it turned out, this bag came from part of a group of teenagers that were there yesterday, and they had the contact information of the group leader. All was well…and we handed the bag and all of it’s contents over the airport official who promised to return the bag to it’s owner.

It felt like we did the right thing even though it took us off of our initial path. I just thought “What if this was mine?” I’d want it back too, and I can only imagine how this thing ended up on the highway.

All said and done, this good deed lead us to a great day here in Lakewood and we’re ready ahead of schedule for our Grand Opening next week. We can head back home tomorrow knowing that we’re ready to go.

How about one more good deed from us today? Sounds good to me. I’ll issue a 15% off coupon that is good today through tomorrow January 26th, 2015 at midnight. Just use coupon “gooddeed” to receive your 15% off on any repair that we offer on Remember that it expires tomorrow night so act fast, but remember that it cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon of discount, and it’s also not valid on an “Got Repair” discount benefit repairs.

I’ll be back from the new location tomorrow with a few blogs, a great press release, and a few more pictures to satisfy your curiosity. Talk to you soon!


Cyber Monday specials continued!

Hello friends,

I couldn’t take it, and I just can’t seem to pull down our list of 50 super-specials that we ran yesterday so they will be active until Thursday at midnight! That’s right, these prices will remain in tact until 12/4/14 at midnight, so don’t delay.


I love this time of year even though I haven’t purchased a thing yet for Christmas. I guess that I better get on that asap- since it’s just right around the corner. I know it’s the thought that counts, but if I show up empty handed on Christmas Day, my kids might have something to say about it 😉

It’s obvious that so many of our customers are repairing devices that have been broken for a while, and they are repairing them as gifts for the approaching holiday season. I’m grateful that Mission Repair can be a part of the holiday season for so many.

There’s plenty of time to have that iPhone screen repaired, or have that Mac Laptop serviced before Christmas. And right now, with over 50 services STILL at 20% off, it’s a great time to get the ball in motion!

Have a great week, Ryan