Taxes, Phone Repair, and eBay

Hello everyone!

It’s that time of year when tax time is approaching and the possibility having to pay additional taxes to the IRS is never a fun proposition. However, remembering you have an old device sitting in a drawer maybe worth more than you think. Most people don’t realize that a 2 year old device is still worth a considerable amount of money. While the new smartphone you received over the holidays is awesome and has you distracted… that two year old device is still worth a good sum of cash. While sites like Craigslist are handy to sell items locally, you can appeal to a much larger audience on eBay. eBay also offers you a bit more personal security if you are worried about meeting someone in person to sell a device. I have no issues with CL and have sold many items on the site, but I understand the hassles of no shows, meeting a stranger in a parking lot and hoping they show up at a given time. Not to mention the safety concerns.

Broken iPhone drawer

If you have seen a commercial for Gazelle or any number of sites offering to buy your old phones, know this. They are likely offering you about 30% or less of it’s value. That’s if it’s in perfect working order. Broken screen? Expect to get maybe 15% to 20% of what you could sell it for. Here at Mission Repair we are happy to quote you a price to repair your iPhone, Samsung or other smartphone and let you decide if it’s worth while. We can usually give you some guidance on what a device would sell for on sites such as eBay or Craigslist.

Current example: Gazelle offers $135 for an iPhone 6S 64gig Verizon. eBay, first page search results range from $329 to $359 for the same device and storage capacity. Now consider if that same iPhone has a cracked screen. Gazelle will now offer you $55. The real decision comes down to simple math. Broken iPhone 6S at Gazelle is worth $55, Mission Repair charges $109 currently (see below for savings code!). Given that fact you can either make $55 or pay the $109 and sell it for at least $329 on eBay. Yes they do take 8% on the first $50 and 5% on the balance up to 10k. That still is going to net you $310+/-. Then subtract repair cost, currently $109 ($91 with coupon), leaves you with $201+! vs $55 for a gain of $146+! Not bad for a quick drive to Mission Repair or simply mail it in to us and we will get your phone in top condition for resale! Clearly we cannot guarantee what you sell it for or the profit gained but this is an example based on what I have seen from my research. Bottom line, it’s more profitable to fix and sell than dump it for $55 to an online site.

Since you do need to either drive it in or mail it to us, I’m offering you a discount code to help you out even more! Simply use the coupon code “2018TaxTime” will get you $18 off any iPhone 5 thru 8 Glass/LCD repair or iPad/iPad Mini Glass and/or LCD repair!

I hope this has helped clarify if you old device is worth fixing or not and puts a few $$$ in your pocket!

Have a great week!


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