App Review: Repair Ticket! Now on iTunes. . .

Hello all- I was speaking to the developer, John Parron about his new App “Repair Ticket” which is now available on iTunes.

He’s written a very cool little application that is going to be useful to many repair technicians out there, especially those that work onsite and bill for time on location.

I first downloaded “Repair Ticket” and it was very intuitive. I filled out my information, added a few contacts, added some of our part numbers and generated a very professional looking invoice, very quickly, and was able to print it out from iTunes. Super slick and very professional. I’m still delving deeper into the App to see all of it’s features, but for the price it seems like a very good value. I talked to John, he’s got a ton of new ideas already for rev. 2.0 that are in the works.

Copy of a test Invoice from "Repair Ticket"!

I immediately saw a quick use for it at my business. At times my database will go down – you know, computer type stuff 😉 Since we have a lot of walk in customers, this can quickly cripple us, even if the database is down for 10 minutes (Because our database is also our Point of Sale mechanism) it’s tough to tell a customer to “hang on” while our system reboots. Even though database issues happen rarely, it still can be an issue.

Now I have a solution. I’m going to keep this App on hand up in my front office and use it in the event we have some sort of database slowdown within our system and my customer service reps can quickly and seamlessly generate an invoice for a customer, print it out, and send them on their way. Personally I think it’s a great use of the App for me at Mission Repair.

Check it out, John has a Facebook page for the app that lets him inform customers about updates and the most current news, this can be found at

OK, back to work for me, good luck with that new App, John!!

Ok, last talk about the snow in Kansas City (at least until it snows again!)

Hello all – here is the last “complain” about the snow here in Kansas City this week. I’m only blogging about it because it WAS overwhelming, and it was a city-wide shut down. . .normally we don’t get this kind of snow. Yes it can get cold in this region. Yes it can snow, but it normally just melts off the next day. Rarely do we see this kind of accumulation. Here is a shot of me with the snow blower last night at about 9pm trying to get my driveway clear:

My Operations Manager, Troy was kind enough to volunteer and come over to help – he manned the shovel as we cleared my driveway and sidewalks. Why is that so important? Well if you want to park your car in the garage at night you’ve got to clear a path. Also, I find that if you drive over the snow on your driveway, it compacts and turns to ice that seems to last forever. Not good when Grandma wants to come over and slips on a chunk of ice.

So with all of this snow. . .it’s kinda fun in some ways. . .remember that we issued a 10% off coupon “WHITEOUT” when you want your next MacBook Repair. Just apply the coupon online and we’ll take that 10% off – this coupon is good through 2/14/11. It’s easy!

OK, it’s a bright and sunny day today, it will be 40 degrees tomorrow, so this winter wonderland in Olathe will be gone soon. Or should I say “Snolathe” 😉

Talk to you again soon, Ryan