Football season has arrived!

Hello everyone, it appears that we are in for some real fun this week as the the NFL season starts tomorrow!  I can’t believe that another week is in the books and we’re heading into a great game with the Steelers and the Patriots tomorrow evening.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.43.15 PM

I know, it still seems early to me, but the NFL preseason games are over! This is an awesome time of the year for us because we have a good group of football fans at Mission Repair, and I usually sneak out with a few employees for some tailgating here in Kansas City, Denver, and we’ve even travelled to California to see a game or two.

Dandra sees these weekends as “the days that we get to eat cheese dip”, but I like to think that I’m more of a true football fan than her. Don’t get me wrong, I love cheese dip…as long as it comes with some professional hits, runs, tackles and touchdowns.  And some chips 😉

To all of those that are in fantasy leagues: Best of luck. I needed to stop playing fantasy football for two reasons:

1. I was distracted by the fantasy play. It took me away from the games that I really wanted to watch and I was focusing on the wrong parts of what was really important to me.
2. I never won 😉

So I’m back in “couch potato” mode on Sundays for a while…unless of course I need to be at the office to help repair the stacks of laptops we have in the repair queue. I better assist tomorrow through Saturday…I need this Sunday off!

Good luck, and happy NFL 2015!


What does “Got Repair” do for you?

Good morning friends. It’s a beautiful day here in Kansas City and with all of the sunshine, the school graduations, and the trees full of leaves, it feels like summer is upon us and it’s hard to stay indoors!

Ah well, since I haven’t figured out how to get paid without working, I guess I’ll be here in the office for a while 😉

So I’m overly impressed with the reaction and attention that our new site is getting at and I wanted to go over the reason that it’s in place and the basis of this amazing new program. Put simply:

1. Got Repair is the ONLY program of it’s kind and it’s fully Powered by Mission Repair.

2. Screens are the name of the game. We repair thousands of screens for iPods, iPhones, MacBooks (and any other Mac laptop), Windows laptops, iPad, Playstation Portables, Kindles, Cell Phones. . .well you get the picture. If it’s a small consumer electronic device, we probably work on it. There’s an inherent problem with screens though – they break!

Give us a call if you have any questions!

3. Glass cracks. Most of the new electronic devices (iPhones, touch screen cell phones, MacBooks) have GLASS covering the LCD. This makes the device look nice and it gives a great surface to adhere a digitizer, but can crack easily if dropped. We know this. It’s a fact.

4. We offer 24 hour replacement of the screens. This is also a fact.

5. We extend a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on each of these screen repairs. This covers you for a year in the event that the digitizer every fails or if there are any other natural failures.

6. Here’s the special part. Remember you can’t get this benefit at ANY OTHER repair center in the world. If you every drop, crack, damage or destroy that glass again, we’ll replace it again under our “Got Repair” benefits. This is a benefit that lasts FOREVER. We will be here for you if you EVER have a cracked glass again, and for as many times as you need. Break it again once or 1,000 times, our GOT REPAIR program has you covered. If you broke it once already the odds are stacked against you that you could break it again.

Why do we do this? It’s to give you Peace of Mind. It’s an alternative to insurance, but it’s NOT like insurance (which you pay for up front) and most likely will have to pay a deductible or monthly fees of dues. Our Got Repair program is the opposite. You don’t pay anything up front. In fact if you don’t ever need to have it repaired again, then you don’t ever need to call us again and never need to pay us anything again.

This is it. It’s a simple, easy, and a no-brainer way for us to do business. Give us a call if you have any other questions!

Thanks, Ryan

Apple is no longer repairing 15″ Aluminum MacBook Pro Screens? Mission Repair is!

Good afternoon my friends, I just heard that Apple is no longer offering 15.4″ MacBook Screen Repairs. Can this be true? Of course. This will happen with end-of-life products and I just heard this from my friend and partner that is an Apple Authorized Service Provider-

So what does this mean? Well you won’t be able to go into Apple or any of their Service Providers and to get your cracked screen repaired on your MacBook Pro. Don’t worry, you know that I have an answer to this dilemma right? Just use Mission Repair. Since we’re not an Apple Service Provider, we don’t have to play by Apple’s rules. We can offer repair on these units for a reasonable cost, repair your portable computer within one business day, and get it back to your location (anywhere in the USA) for just $14 in shipping costs.

What does the screen repair cost you? It’s only $289 installed. This includes a brand new LCD screen panel, professional installation (We’ve repaired over 10,000 macs in the last year alone) and automatic “Got Repair” benefits (more on “Got Repair” later, it’s going to blow you away!)

So rest assured that we’re in business to help with this particular situation. You know, the situation that you’d be in if you needed a repair and Apple couldn’t help. Mission Repair, it’s The Intelligent Choice.

Ok, last talk about the snow in Kansas City (at least until it snows again!)

Hello all – here is the last “complain” about the snow here in Kansas City this week. I’m only blogging about it because it WAS overwhelming, and it was a city-wide shut down. . .normally we don’t get this kind of snow. Yes it can get cold in this region. Yes it can snow, but it normally just melts off the next day. Rarely do we see this kind of accumulation. Here is a shot of me with the snow blower last night at about 9pm trying to get my driveway clear:

My Operations Manager, Troy was kind enough to volunteer and come over to help – he manned the shovel as we cleared my driveway and sidewalks. Why is that so important? Well if you want to park your car in the garage at night you’ve got to clear a path. Also, I find that if you drive over the snow on your driveway, it compacts and turns to ice that seems to last forever. Not good when Grandma wants to come over and slips on a chunk of ice.

So with all of this snow. . .it’s kinda fun in some ways. . .remember that we issued a 10% off coupon “WHITEOUT” when you want your next MacBook Repair. Just apply the coupon online and we’ll take that 10% off – this coupon is good through 2/14/11. It’s easy!

OK, it’s a bright and sunny day today, it will be 40 degrees tomorrow, so this winter wonderland in Olathe will be gone soon. Or should I say “Snolathe” 😉

Talk to you again soon, Ryan

MacBook Polycarbonate Unibody (Late 2009) Matte Screen Installations!

Hello all- we now have the anti-glare option for the late 2009 Poly MacBook!

You’ve heard it from me before: We are known for our easy to use website and the MacBok Polycarbonate is a natural fit for our service line. We offer a 24-hour turn around time, however most customers have reported same-day service – which can also be guaranteed for a small additional “front of the line” fee.

The anti-glare option for the late 2009 Polycarbonate Apple MacBook is a highly desirable option and many customers prefer the matte screens versus the glossy screens that come installed from the factory. If you’ve got a MacBook with a cracked screen, that is the most opportune time to make the change – however we charge the same for either the glossy or matte versions so the choice is yours. Until now, having the anti-glare matte screen was not an option on this model!

All of these MacBook Screen Repairs are just $189 installed. Customers coast-to-coast utilize our exclusive 3-way shipping kit picked up and delivered by FedEx as an option for shipping, or customers may send their computer directly to Mission Repair using the courier of their choice. $189 includes BRAND NEW LCD panel, professional labor, and a 1 year warranty.

We continue to offer a myriad of flat-rate screen repair services and free diagnostics for many products. Need another reason to order your Matte MacBook Polycarbonate Screen Repair? Ok, how about $15 off? Just use coupon code “poly” when order the service online now until 7/4/10 at Midnight.

Thanks everyone, have a great Tuesday afternoon!