10% off coupon – We’re through the blizzard and rocking!

Hello all – whew – if you called into Mission Repair within the last 24 hours you heard my message talking about blizzard conditions and shipping delays throughout the region. Well I drive a 4×4 on days like this and feel pretty invincible. . .it’s kind of a necessity. Until last night!

I was trying to turn around on a narrow street and found myself stuck in a culvert. Just the front driver’s wheel, but then that “high centered” me and both front wheels we’re useless and just spinning freely. It was awesome. Funny thing is, this is my first winter in this truck, and I’ve never been stuck in my Ford. . .hmmm.

So I had to call in a marker. Tow trucks take 4-6 hours in this kind of weather, so I called my cousin Kyle in for a favor. He was at the location within 15 minutes, tow rope in hand, and got me out within a half hour. That all seems fine and easy but the conditions were worsening as time progressed and it was about -15 degrees with the wind chill factor. Yeah you read that right – MINUS FIFTEEN. It’s just not really heard of here in Kansas City, or at least very common! This has been truly a “20 year storm” and I’m glad we’re at the tail end of it.

Last “poor Ryan” picture. I was done with my escapade, Kyle was on his way home and I made it back to my house. All I really wanted to do was pull into my garage and ooops. . .I got stuck in my driveway.

So another hour of digging later and I made it in!

Well the worst is over (for now!) and business is in great shape. In light of the recent 20-year storm we’re offering a 10% off coupon from now until 2/14/11! Use coupon code “WHITEOUT” when checking out online or when calling in to place an order and we’ll pull that 10% off the bottom line. Now getting that iPod repaired or iPhone repaired comes with a little incentive. Think of it as the warm crackling fire after shoveling snow for a while 😉

Thanks and have a great day! Ryan