Lower Price on iPod Touch 4th Gen Glass Repair!

Now at an even lower price! We’re dropping our price because we received another price decrease on these screen assemblies. Have a cracked glass on your iPod Touch 4th Gen? You know, this is the iPod with the front facing camera so you can use Facetime to video conference with your friends?

Ouch! Mission Repair will take care of this - fast.

4th Gen iPod Touch Glass Repair

Well we’re leading the market with this repair and now it’s coming to you at an even lower price that ever before. Only at Mission Repair. We’ll even pick it up from your location anywhere in the USA, have it fixed within one business day, and then sent back to your location. No hassle driving the iPod anywhere – we’ll handle everything.

Want more information? I have a full staff of customer service reps standing by at 866-638-8402. We’re happy to help!

Have a good night, Ryan

OK, so it snowed again yesterday and Tayler got stuck!

Hey there folks! Yeah, it was snowy and cold yesterday morning and my daughter was heading to school. . .then I got the call. If you live in a “snow state” you know what “the call” is. She was upset and shaken up, but nevertheless totally safe and unharmed. She said she was going 14 MPH- I think she was probably double that speed 😉

She ended up sliding off the road and into a pile of snow. I arrived with my regular emergency kit which consists of a tow rope, snow shovel, gloves and boots.

My daughter stuck in the snow!

By the time I got to her she was calm – I mean firstly she was going to miss school so that’s always a “treat”. Next she had a chance to relax and calm down. Third, I volunteered to come get her so she didn’t have to face a tow truck driver on her own, which was my first answer for her when she called!

Of course being a good dad and not wanting my 16 year old to handle a tow service on her own, I needed to sacrifice my warm office for the cold Kansas climate. I think that I did the right thing 😉

Take a look at this picture – it’s a bleak blah looking landscape- but by Sunday it should all be melted away and 50 degree temperatures are in the forecast. Finally, a weekend to look forward to!!

OK, back to work (I’m talking to myself) and I’ll be back with more Mission Repair information soon.

Thanks, Ryan

It’s raining babies at Mission Repair! Figuratively.

Yup. Just a quick blog to announce a couple of new additions to the Mission Repair staff – I mean Mission Repair family 😉

We got one of each!

Phil Esau, our Jack-of-all-Trades technician had his first baby a few weeks ago. Baby Esau is doing well and ol’ Phil is looking good as he comes to work everyday, it’s just now that he’s a daddy!

Marc Crosby our Webmaster, had his first baby yesterday. His wife Petra is looking great as usual and he landed a baby girl and they named her Ayla. Very cute!!

Congratulations fellas. You’re finally part of the daddy club! I’ve been a member for 16 years and I want to tell you that you have no idea what you’re in for 😉 Wait until they are teenagers!

Good luck, and, well, good luck. Ryan

Acer Timeline LCD Repair Service announced!

Hello all, we’ve just launched our Acer Timeline Screen Repair service. It’s per customer request and now available on our website starting today! We are installing brand new LCD screens and we have the parts in stock to perform your repair by the next day.

acer screen repair service

Looking for a reliable source for your electronic service and repairs? Mission Repair has been in business for years and we’re providing the best service in the nation. Give us a call for more details 1-866-638-8402.

Best, Ryan