Mission Repair: Spring Price Drops!

Good afternoon all!

I know many of you, just as I do, look for a good deal on about anything you purchase these days. I found myself over the past few weeks talking with Groupon about their services and what it could do for Mission Repair. I look for competitive pricing but at the same time refuse to use the bottom of the line parts as the quality just doesn’t hold up. I research my competitors as well and finding some of them offering Groupon deals. Well I will save you the time and effort to buy the groupon.. We already have prices as low as those so called “deals”, simply walk in, or mail in your device and enjoy the Mission Repair difference. Fast friendly service and quality repairs at prices the other guys have to  offer “discounts” to match.

Mission Repair has parts in stock and technicians ready to serve you, simply come in to one of our retail locations and get your device back in working order asap! You can also mail your device to us, or call toll free 844-459-0105 for assistance.  We back all of our parts and labor with a 1 year guarantee and always willing to help out repeat customers. I know the feeling of replacing my windshield on my car and literally within 24 hours have another crack from a rock! We feel your pain and will help you out if you luck just doesn’t go your way and you need a 2nd repair.


We look forward to serving you and helping you get your phone, computer or tablet back in like now condition. Please don’t hesitate to call us (844-459-0105) or email (sales@missionrepair.com) us for any questions you may have!

Have a great day!


Taxes, Phone Repair, and eBay

Hello everyone!

It’s that time of year when tax time is approaching and the possibility having to pay additional taxes to the IRS is never a fun proposition. However, remembering you have an old device sitting in a drawer maybe worth more than you think. Most people don’t realize that a 2 year old device is still worth a considerable amount of money. While the new smartphone you received over the holidays is awesome and has you distracted… that two year old device is still worth a good sum of cash. While sites like Craigslist are handy to sell items locally, you can appeal to a much larger audience on eBay. eBay also offers you a bit more personal security if you are worried about meeting someone in person to sell a device. I have no issues with CL and have sold many items on the site, but I understand the hassles of no shows, meeting a stranger in a parking lot and hoping they show up at a given time. Not to mention the safety concerns.

Broken iPhone drawer

If you have seen a commercial for Gazelle or any number of sites offering to buy your old phones, know this. They are likely offering you about 30% or less of it’s value. That’s if it’s in perfect working order. Broken screen? Expect to get maybe 15% to 20% of what you could sell it for. Here at Mission Repair we are happy to quote you a price to repair your iPhone, Samsung or other smartphone and let you decide if it’s worth while. We can usually give you some guidance on what a device would sell for on sites such as eBay or Craigslist.

Current example: Gazelle offers $135 for an iPhone 6S 64gig Verizon. eBay, first page search results range from $329 to $359 for the same device and storage capacity. Now consider if that same iPhone has a cracked screen. Gazelle will now offer you $55. The real decision comes down to simple math. Broken iPhone 6S at Gazelle is worth $55, Mission Repair charges $109 currently (see below for savings code!). Given that fact you can either make $55 or pay the $109 and sell it for at least $329 on eBay. Yes they do take 8% on the first $50 and 5% on the balance up to 10k. That still is going to net you $310+/-. Then subtract repair cost, currently $109 ($91 with coupon), leaves you with $201+! vs $55 for a gain of $146+! Not bad for a quick drive to Mission Repair or simply mail it in to us and we will get your phone in top condition for resale! Clearly we cannot guarantee what you sell it for or the profit gained but this is an example based on what I have seen from my research. Bottom line, it’s more profitable to fix and sell than dump it for $55 to an online site.

Since you do need to either drive it in or mail it to us, I’m offering you a discount code to help you out even more! Simply use the coupon code “2018TaxTime” will get you $18 off any iPhone 5 thru 8 Glass/LCD repair or iPad/iPad Mini Glass and/or LCD repair!

I hope this has helped clarify if you old device is worth fixing or not and puts a few $$$ in your pocket!

Have a great week!


When is the right time to purchase Applecare?

Good morning everyone!

It’s Friday! Sun is shining and and going to be a beautiful day in here in Kansas City. I know the east and west coast have some formidable weather happening today and this weekend so stay safe for those of you impacted by those conditions.

I know the title may throw you off that Mission Repair is talking about Applecare, but give me a minute to explain. First off, I own an iPhone X, it’s just in my nature to be an early adopter of technology. When looking to buy any new device I am always curious how they can be repaired, or in this case IF they can be repaired. The answer is a bit more complicated than yes or no. The vast majority of past iPhones were a simple repair with a few screws and getting a quality part to replace the broken one. Granted there always seems to be a bit more complicated issue depending on the damage, but in general terms the older iPhones were 100% repairable. With the iPhone’s introduction of the Touch ID on the home button we have seen various issues keeping the Touch ID (fingerprint reader) working if the original one is damaged. Now with the iPhone X it appears that even opening up the device, disables the Face recognition ability of the phone.

iPhone X

So with that being said I do realize these are $1,000 iPhones and you should protect your investment by either having a local shop to handle your repairs, just as Mission Repair has done now for nearly a decade, or Applecare or some sort of insurance policy. This is the unicorn case of a device that currently is not repairable due to Apple’s security measures, or some other reasons I won’t go into, to keep 3rd party repair facilities from doing the repair. New technology brings new challenges, be thinking about your options before the worst may happen and your brand new iPhone X has issues. As a side note, basic Applecare does not cover “accidental damage”, that is drops, or physical damage to the device. You will need Applecare+, while not cheap, it’s currently the only sure way to have an iPhone X repaired from a drop/crack/accident and keep your face id tech working properly.

I hope this helps and possibly prevents an upsetting day if you should need to have an iPhone X repaired. Full disclosure, this is the first and only iPhone I have purchased Applecare+ on for this very reason. I wrote this as there have been a number of customers call in to ask if we can repair the device and then very disappointed that they would lose facial ID. As technology evolves we try to stay at the leading edge, but at this time the manufacturers, in the case Apple, has taken a path that currently prevents anyone outside their own facility to repair the iPhone X. While I love Apple products and will continue to use them, there are some challenges as technology and security evolves.

While I greatly appreciate all the support from the local community and across the country, please make a note if you do own an iPhone X that you may want to look into options for repair if you use the Face ID on a regular basis.

Have a great weekend!


Prices are falling in Kansas City!

Hello everyone!

I hope this Tuesday finds you having a great week so far! The week started out on a high note for us here at Mission Repair with some great news on our shipment getting out of China just in time before Chinese New Year shuts down the supply chain. We have inventory inbound and plenty in stock to lower our prices on iPhones, iPads, and iPods!

Price Drop Text

We have lowered prices across the board on all of the iPhones series 5 through 7, iPad Air 2’s as well as others. Check out our iPhone pricing and get those old phones repaired and ready to sell. I know many are waiting for your tax returns to buy that new phone and selling your old phone can recoup needed cash! Don’t let that broken device collect dust in a drawer, send it in and we will have it looking like new!

While many companies are afraid to publish their pricing, Mission Repair continues to pave the way by letting our customers know up front what the cost of repair will be. No hidden fees or phone call after you drop off the device with a price hike! When the worst happens… trust Mission Repair help you get your device back looking like new! Call 884-459-0105 or stop by one of our two Kansas City locations.


Thanks for stopping by!

Part 2: Blockchain Technologies

Good afternoon everyone!

I sent out part 1 of this series just over a week ago and wanted to follow up with on the latest developments and hopefully to clarify more about blockchain. The blockchain is a technology that not only is the underlying technology for cryptocurrencies you have heard so much about but talks about the way it is and will revolutionize our lives in the future. Here are a few examples taken from Nasdaq.com on how blockchain technology is having real-world impacts.


A recent report by the UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser says, “distributed ledger technology provides the framework for the government to reduce fraud, corruption, error and the cost of paper-intensive processes. It has the potential to redefine the relationship between government and the citizen in terms of data sharing, transparency, and trust. It has similar possibilities for the private sector.”

The diamond industry, which is highly prone to fraud, has already embraced the blockchain technology. Everledger is a permanent ledger for diamond certification and related transaction history. It provides verification for insurance companies, claimants and law enforcement. According to Everledger, “£200 million is spent by insurers each year for tackling fraud.”

Likewise, the real estate industry can benefit greatly from the blockchain technology. According to Ragnar Lifthrasir, “Putting property titles on the Bitcoin blockchain will bring the real estate industry out of its existing 18th-century technology. Title insurance is a $20 billion industry. It’s estimated that the total annual cost of fighting and resolving title fraud is $1 billion.”

While Bitcoin has brought the blockchain into the public eye and the wild speculation of Bitcoin’s success or failure. While that topic is widely debated there is no doubt in my mind that the foundation of Bitcoin, the blockchain technology will change how we do business and bring transparency where there has not been any in the past.

I love learning about new technology and how it will impact our lives. Mission Repair continues to evolve and use these technologies as they develop. As we learn more we look forward to how this may enhance our business. Like the internet itself, I think there are things we never thought possible, will now be possible! Enjoy your Tuesday and thank you for taking the time to read our blog!

Mission Repair Opening an eBay Store!

Hello all!

We have a new partner that is providing Mission Repair with some off lease and refurbished phones, tablets and other gadgets that we will begin selling via our Mission Repair eBay store. We will have some devices available in our retail stores but focus on our broad customer base across the US and beyond. These devices have been fully checked out and in 100% operational condition. Most of them are older devices that our customer is updating so we have some nice Grade A and B devices that our customers will enjoy. These are devices such as iPhone 4, 5 and 6 series, iPads as well as Samsung branded Galaxy line of phones and tablets. We will also have a few smartwatches and other gadgets. We will abide 100% by eBay policy and not pull down auctions with bids, this may upset some local customers, but we must retain our excellent standing with eBay and abide by the rules they set. We will keep some of our stock in our retail stores and if you wish to purchase something you can, of course, purchase it off eBay and then choose to pick up the device locally at one of our retail locations.

ebay laptop

We have bought and sold some phones and computers in the past but with the iCloud lock and other issues, we felt it best to have a reliable source that can bring our customers peace of mind that the device has been completely wiped and removed from service. We have received our first shipment and getting them processed to go up on eBay in the coming days!

We will update everyone when the store goes live and hope to have it stocked and ready for purchases by Feb 1st, 2018!

Part 1: Cryptocurrency: Basics, history and comparison to traditional stocks.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this finds you starting off 2018 with a positive outlook and some much-needed rest over the holiday break. I thought I would cover some technology news and happenings that have caught my attention as most of the world in recent months. While here at Mission Repair our day to day activities rarely leave the scope of computer or mobile device repair. If you thought the iPhone in 2007 was revolutionary, you might want to learn more about “Blockchain” and what it represents. I will be doing multiple parts on the subject and hope you can find a bit of knowledge in my ramblings or simply enjoy the information presented.

If you watch or read any of the news lately Bitcoin and Blockchain are two words you probably have heard a lot about. What in the world is it? How does it work? That’s the real question of what could be the next really, really big thing in how money and information move around the world. I’m by no means an expert, but I’ve spent the last several month researching, educating and dabbling in some various means of Bitcoin and altcoin investing and mining. I heard about Bitcoin back in 2010 and knew enough then that it was something I didn’t understand well enough to pursue or invest in. OH if that darn crystal ball would have just made some noise haha. However, it never was completely off my mind and if it’s in the technology realm… I’m interested in learning about it.


First and foremost this is not a guide to investing, nor anything more than my opinions and knowledge thus far.  So what is Bitcoin and why should anyone care about it? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, in general terms a digital form of currency. There are literally hundreds of cryptocurrencies currently trading on various cryptocurrency exchanges. They all have specific purposes and while some coins are just nonsense and will fail, others are purpose-built for say business to business contracts. Others are built for things like “in-app” purchases were all so fond of. Bitcoin, while it can be used to purchase things online it is viewed as an investment vehicle to store value/wealth.

So how is it different than a stock like Apple? First off it’s not a regulated by a formal government agency like stocks. Stocks have the (SEC) Security and Exchange Commision that monitors the overall market, think of them as the stock or Wall Street police. Before you just write off Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as some horrible thing that only thieves and hackers or criminals will use… consider this.

Bad things still happen on Wall Street such as insider trading, most notably Martha Stewart in recent years. Hardly a hardcore criminal but illegal none the less. Then you have the Ponzi scheme’s etc… Bernie Madoff ring a bell? He went to jail for a massive Ponzi scheme. Remember the real estate crash from the late 2000’s? JP Morgan was one of many investment firms fully knowing they were putting Americans at risk with subprime loans… which the US taxpayers bailed these firms out and did anyone go to jail?? Nope! So if you think “Wall Street” is the “safe bet”, well think again, it’s all risky. Anyone that tells you it’s a “sure thing” or there is zero risks is lying. Period. So does all this new technology have a risk? Absolutely. The real magic here is understanding and considering the impact the underlying technology (Blockchain) has and will have in transforming the banking and investing industry along with pretty much any form of payments made between people, business, banks, and countries worldwide.

So what is the “gold standard” for investing? Well, punny you should ask… 🙂 Why is gold widely considered the safest investment? I believe people find gold safe due to the fact you can physically hold a gold bar, lock it in a safe, bury it in your backyard or whatever makes you feel safe. Gold has been used for centuries as a means to store value. It can be transported, there is a finite supply and it is divisible by melting it down into literally any amount from grams to ounces or pounds. The stability is what’s attractive and the fact if you have a pure gold bar/coin etc… you can probably spend it nearly anywhere in the world. I’m sure there are exceptions but you get the idea. Universal currency so to speak.

How is Bitcoin similar? While it is a digital coin, you can, in fact, write down with pen and paper a series of passwords and numbers that you can physically hold in safe to restore your digital currency at a later date. Bitcoin is divisible by any amount and there is a finite quantity. There will be no more than 21,000,000 Bitcoins created/mined which is why by comparison to other cryptocurrencies it’s 17,000+ per bitcoin and could possibly reach much higher or end up back at pennies per coin. More on that in part 2…

Back to the security of things. Currently, Cryptocurrencies do not have a government “police” agency as they revolve around the Blockchain technology and the fact anyone and everyone can see the ledger and each transaction is verified by numerous computers (miners) around the world. Bitcoin is in simple terms checks to see if each transaction is “legit” and real by a very, very large mathematical checks and balances. The “cryptology” behind it all is described best in the link to “Blockchain” above.

I’ll leave you with this thought for Part 1: Nearly 1/3rd of the people on earth do NOT have a bank account. Something we take for granted. Digital currencies and this transformative technology can help bring currency and aid in so many aspects where the slow grind of government agencies have failed to reach people. You may be thinking how can they receive it without a computer or cell phone? Companies like Western Union and other “wire cash services” are already looking at and partnering with certain cryptocurrencies to enable access to money around the world and making it as easy as sending a text to help someone in need.

I hope if nothing else you can watch the news now and not be completely mystified as to what in the heck they are talking about. More to come in Part 2!