Plog bost.

Hello all- it’s that time of year. Tax season. You’d better get those babies done cause you only a couple months to go! It’s a hassle, but you can’t avoid it right? Please, those that are avoiding taxes need not respond, I don’t want to know 😉

So in anticipation, I’m lowering a few prices on the website. It’s my stimulus plan for those in need and want a high quality electronics repair at a great price. Remember we also offer do-it-yourself repair kits and with the help of a technician over the phone you might just be able to get your trusty iPod or iPhone working on your own!

That’s why Mission Repair is here, and this simple plog bost (um, I mean blog post) is just a reminder that we LOVE to keep your expensive electronics running. It’s a much better deal than buying something new every time you have a hiccup with a device.

iPhone repairs and Cell phone repairs at Mission Repair. And if you live outside of the State of Kansas, we don’t charge sales tax. Hows that for savings? Mission Repair cutting your 2011 tax bill!

Thanks, Ryan

Got Repair?

Ok, we’re gaining some real traction on our Got Repair website and time is drawing near. Just a few short weeks until we launch the NEW SERVICE STANDARD in the market. I’m so excited but we’re not quite ready to pull the veil off this one yet. It’s taking us some time to prepare the site and get the new graphics in place.

However we have released a hint today:


Sound good to you? I know, I know, you don’t even really know what the GOT REPAIR benefits are. Well, I can tell you this – take what you already get from Mission Repair. i.e. 24 hour service, expert technicians, outstanding warranties, award winning service, BBB accreditation (the list goes on and on) but then add in the most revolutionary level of service that no one has ever seen.

I mean, the only way I can describe it is by calling it a NEW STANDARD OF SERVICE. It’s because what you’ve been used to is going to change. This won’t be a let down nor a false promise. Soon you’ll understand why I say “Mission Repair, The Intelligent Choice“. It’s not just a tagline, it’s the truth.

Stay tuned for more hits each week!!

Whoa there! Need a MacBook Unibody Glass Replacement?

We have you in mind. I just lowered all of our 24 hour MacBook Unibody Glass Replacement Services. I mean like HUGE price decreases. Check it out:

MacBook Unibody 13″ Glass Replacement $129.
MacBook Unibody 14″ Glass Replacement $139.
MacBook Unibody 15″ Glass Replacement $149.

What does this include? Well, everything. This is parts, labor and 1 year warranty all rolled up into a very neat and inexpensive package. How do we do it? We’re the best in the business at this repair and our technicians are experienced and fantastic. You might be asking ‘What about a warranty”? Well no problem, we give you a full 1 year warranty with each of these repairs.

WHAT COUPON CODE? Naw, we’re not going to require a coupon code for these amazing prices. However if you have a coupon code, that will give you additional savings. Yikes. Now I’m getting kind of nervous 😉

There it is. The best price in the world from the Award Winning Apple Repair site,

Thanks, Ryan