The $100 hamburger.

Good morning troops, how was your Valentine’s day? I hope you got the attention you were looking for from your loved ones. . .my daughter gave me the best card last night, now I’ve got it on my desk to remind me that even at 16 years old, she’s still my little girl.

Last weekend, my buddy Dave (who’s also a pilot) fired up his Bonanza and we took at trip for a $100 hamburger- if you don’t know, the $100 hamburger is aviation slang for a pilot that needs an excuse to go fly. A $100 hamburger trip usually involves flying a short distance (like less than 200 miles), eating at an airport restaurant, and flying home. The $100 is a general reference to what it costs to fly your plane for a couple of hours – but in reality it’s a little more – YIKES. I try not to think about it.

It was a beautiful night to fly, the moon was out and the snow covered landscape was bright. It was calm, clear and gorgeous- until we landed in Hutchinson and the runway was icy- it didn’t bother ol’ Dave though as he hit the numbers and stuck the plane to the ground. It’s his extensive experience for sure that made it look so easy – I’m glad he was there! We ate our food, and headed back home. It made for a great “guys night out” and we had a blast.

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Thanks, see ya at the airport!