Apple is no longer repairing 15″ Aluminum MacBook Pro Screens? Mission Repair is!

Good afternoon my friends, I just heard that Apple is no longer offering 15.4″ MacBook Screen Repairs. Can this be true? Of course. This will happen with end-of-life products and I just heard this from my friend and partner that is an Apple Authorized Service Provider-

So what does this mean? Well you won’t be able to go into Apple or any of their Service Providers and to get your cracked screen repaired on your MacBook Pro. Don’t worry, you know that I have an answer to this dilemma right? Just use Mission Repair. Since we’re not an Apple Service Provider, we don’t have to play by Apple’s rules. We can offer repair on these units for a reasonable cost, repair your portable computer within one business day, and get it back to your location (anywhere in the USA) for just $14 in shipping costs.

What does the screen repair cost you? It’s only $289 installed. This includes a brand new LCD screen panel, professional installation (We’ve repaired over 10,000 macs in the last year alone) and automatic “Got Repair” benefits (more on “Got Repair” later, it’s going to blow you away!)

So rest assured that we’re in business to help with this particular situation. You know, the situation that you’d be in if you needed a repair and Apple couldn’t help. Mission Repair, it’s The Intelligent Choice.