Mutiple Locations to serve KC!

Good Morning everyone!

Over the past few years, Mission Repair has opened a few new retail locations. Unfortunately, our first effort in Lenexa had some major water issues so we were forced to move. We found our new home and have completed our remodeling and settled in. In an effort to better serve the KC metro area. We found a new location here in Lenexa and I wanted to make sure those of you that have not been by our store get a chance to see it.

We have two locations in the KC metro area, and with customers coming from all over the area, we appreciate the loyalty and want to be sure you are aware of our newest location.

Mission Repair retail stores are located at:

Mission Repair – 14343 W 100th St. Lenexa, KS 66215

Mission Repair – 5604 Johnson Drive  Mission, KS 66202

We also still offer our mail-in service at our 14343 W 100th St location with plenty of space to handle a single device or hundreds. We work with schools, insurance companies, and various business to support their repair and refurbishment needs.

Thank you again for your business and continued support for Mission Repair!

Have a great day!

iPhone Apps not always safe…

It’s easy to assume that every app on the Apple app store is safe. It’s also something most people don’t even think about as a threat. Well as an avid reader of all things tech, I have followed a site called Macrumors for many years. This most recent article is a valuable resource and I would encourage everyone to follow the steps outlined in the article to be sure you, or possibly a child downloading a game? These can be malicious apps. Macrumors has been a steady source of tips, tricks and warnings such as this one for thousands of readers so wanted to pass this one along.

Find the article here:

Be safe and Happy Friday!

iPhone X… Will you buy it?

With the Pre-order date of the iPhone X now at hand, Saturday morning 2:01 AM CST,  I always get the question “are you buying the new iPhone” along with a dozen questions of why? what’s new? should I upgrade etc… While I do love technology in many forms the evolution of the iPhone has been a slow one in terms of design from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 8. So my pattern has been skipping a generation as I had the iPhone 6+, now a 7+ and now skipping the 8 for the iPhone X.

The why? Having an iPhone 7+ means a very large phone that while I enjoy the large screen, I hate having to put in a pocket. Truth be told, I’m getting older and the small screens are tough to read sometimes! My hope is a larger screen in a smaller form factor may be the ideal combo. Here at Mission Repair, we are excited to see the Touch ID home button give way to a camera that uses facial recognition as the anyone familiar with the repair industry knows the issues that can come from a broken home button. Losing touch ID and any number of issues can arise.

So for me, yes I am upgrading on the iPhone Upgrade Program from Apple. Basically, instead of paying the carrier $xx a month or whatever the number is, I pay Apple directly and every year I am eligible if I choose to upgrade. This involves them sending me a new iPhone of my choice, then sending back the current iPhone, which in the case will be my iPhone 7+. A few interesting parts of the program is that Apple Care+ is included in the payment and not an option to drop and the ability to get everything setup for checkout as of Monday the 23rd for the pre-order starting on the 27th. So I was given a head start so to speak of the millions that will be frantically trying to preorder and I will simply open the Apple Store app and hit submit. While I may not choose to purchase Apple Care as “I know a guy” that can fix my phone 🙂 I still believe it’s a good system to not be locked to a carrier and not drop $1000 on a new device each year and deal with selling the old no eBay or CL.

Let us know if you plan on ordering the iPhone X and as always, if the worse should happen and you damage your new iPhone, Mission Repair is here to help!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

iOS Update Solves Touch issues on iPhone 6S, 7 and 7+!!

It would seem Apple has finally, in even a small way, acknowledged the repair shops of the world in the latest iOS update 11.0.3. The message of what the latest iOS updates talks about the fixes to touchscreen issues that can occur when an “aftermarket” screen is used to repair an original one.

First and foremost it’s important to know that Apple does not make the glass and LCD used for their iPhones. Companies like Samsung, Sharp, and Japan Display all make components for Apple. The repair shops usually buy OEM products that may have an LCD from one of these manufacturers but the glass and small cables maybe from a non-OEM factory in China. It’s a complicated maze to get quality parts on a consistent basis as several wholesale parts companies in the US strive to do on a daily basis.

The point of all this is that if you do happen to break your iPhone 6S, 7 or 7+ screen, be sure to update to the latest iOS update 11.0.3 prior to getting your iPhone repaired so that there is not an issue once a new replacement screen is installed. Here at Mission Repair we have had several issues with this and were forced to turn away a repair as no matter which new screen we installed there were issues. The customer most recently had to pay a local Apple store $169 for the screen and $349 for the “home button/touch ID” as they claimed it was an issue from the new screen installed. Forcing someone to pay over $500 because Apple locks the parts to the logic board is insanity. Hopefully, this iOS update fixes those issues making it easier for the consumer to get affordable repairs for their iDevices.

Have a great weekend!


What is an iPhone digitizer?

I know that there are a ton of question about the “digitizer” on your iPhone, or any other touch-screen smartphone these days. We here at Mission Repair are experts and very familiar with iPhone digitizers, glass, and screens. We repair them by the thousands every month. Let’s see if we can demonstrate what the digitizer is here under a glass panel:

This is the digitizer on an iPhone!

The digitizer is fused UNDER the glass cover. It’s the electronic component that senses the touch of a human finger through the glass, and is designed to allow the unit to be controlled by a fingertip. This is the “input” of the device and it’s very thin and transparent.

The point is that you cannot replace the digitizer alone. Since it’s part of the glass, in the event of a touch failure it needs to be replaced with the glass and vice versa. So if you have a cracked iPhone glass, you’re going to get a new digitizer as well. If you have an iPhone that doesn’t respond to touch, you’ll also get a new glass. It’s just the way it’s designed.

You might see these assemblies marketed as:

  • iPhone glass
  • iPhone digitizer
  • iPhone touch screen
  • iPhone glass screen
  • iPhone screen
  • iPhone touch panel

For all intents and purposes, these terms are all interchangeable and are all the same thing. Are you in need of one of these parts? Here’s a list of glass/digitizer repairs that we sell here at Mission Repair:

Don’t forget our wide selection of iPad Glass Repair options!

Remember, you might see these glass panels for sale cheap – be sure to inquire about the required digitizer that is fused to the glass from the factory – without it, the glass is useless. You cannot replace the glass or “remove” your good digitizer and reinstall it onto your iPhone without advanced equipment and lots of training. It just doesn’t work! These assemblies are built together and must stay together. I hope this information helps!

Mission Repair is now powered by Certified Gadget Repair!


Summer is winding down and school is getting underway. Here at Mission Repair things have been busy, so busy in fact I have been putting together a new partnership that will bring a huge boost to our productivity and repair capabilities. Even with all of the technicians currently at Mission Repair the summer can be a challenge to maintain the proper turn around time and quality standards you have come to expect over the past eight years. I’ve been working tirelessly to build a new partnership over the past few months and am excited to announce that Mission Repair has joined forces with the premier repair depot in the US, Certified Gadget Repair, Inc. The management team at CGR, like me, have a long history in the wireless parts and repair industry. Their technicians are skilled and have been trained to handle the variety of repairs just as our own have. Behind the scenes I have been subcontracting some work to CGR for some of the micro-soldering work and overflow as Mission Repair needed a hand in recent months to keep up. We have joined forces to bring the best overall experience to both our retail and B2B customers. The newly formed management team has a diverse background and brings years of experience in repair, logistics, technology and education.

The first expansion store is now open, CGR has a retail location at 135th and Mur-Len. Many of you may not be aware that more than half of Mission Repair’s business comes from outside the Kansas City market. In addition we receive weekly referrals from local retail stores such as the Apple store, Best Buy, ATT, Verizon, Sprint just to name a few. We also have mail in customers that are directed to us by local repair shops across the country. We are one of the longest operating independent repair shops still doing iPod repairs in addition to all of the latest gadgets. We rarely say no to any repair, our motto is if we can find the parts… we will fix it! We serve the entire US and see repair orders shipped from around the world. As we continue to grow we needed a partner to help us expand quickly and keep the same high quality standards Mission Repair has built over it’s 8+ year history.  CGR has the business model, the experience and quality people to do just that. They have been servicing some of the larger insurance companies from across the US with excellent feedback.

I’m excited for the future and hope you will all join us in one of our new locations and one of many to come in the Kansas City area. We will be rebranding stores, adding locations and announcing some exciting events and classes in the near future. Thank you all for the continued support and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Chargers, Cables and all that mess!

Hello all –

I want to try and shed some light on charging cables and wall plugs. We see a fair bit of customers that either send a device in for a charging port repair or bring their device in due to it not charging. We many times simply plug the device in and it works here at the store. That seems strange to most people… however it’s a rather simple answer.



This shows the MFI Certified Chip that communicates with your Apple device. Many, many companies make knock off cables and charges $1.99, $4.99 etc… Well guess what? Those are not MFI certified and once you do a software update in iOS on your iPhone, iPod or iPad… it no longer will charge or be recognized as a working charger. Based on what I know from industry insiders the certification from Apple to use their OEM chips is approximately $5 to $7 USD per chip/per cable. So when you see a MFI certified cable by Belkin, Griffen or other brand name MFI certified cables for $19.99 you know it’s going to work. Not only with the current iOS software but future updates unlike the $2.99 charger you purchased a few months back.

Sorta reminds me of that saying… you get what you pay for? That still holds true after how knows how many years someone else mumbled those words. I’ve purchased a few of the cheap chargers and cables thinking I scored a great deal! Only to have one literally start smoking in my wife’s car… and another nearly burn my fingers when I went to unplug my iPhone. Ya that can happen. Fire, smoke, overcharging your devices etc…

Needless to say if your device is not charging we are always happy to take a look at it. I just wanted to pass along some knowledge before you bring in your device or ship it in. We get plenty of “Warranty” claims where they get their device repaired by Mission Repair and now days/weeks/months later they have a device that no longer takes a charge. Sometimes the simplest thing is the right one!

Happy Charging and be safe!