View our newest commercial online – or just watch NBC and FOX.

Hello again folks, our newest commercial has launched and is rolling- we’re hearing all day today “I saw your commercial, I have a broken (FILL IN YOUR BROKEN IDEVICE HERE) and I need it fixed!”

In this commercial, our “BUSY BUSINESSMAN” is trying to get in a quick workout during his lunch hour – while still trying to send emails and chat with a co-worker. Of course, he gets a little ahead of himself and gets caught up in his “deal” – the cute girl working out next to him is too much for him to handle.

SMASH! Another iPad that needs work at Mission Repair!

We’re having fun with our Mission Repair commercials and the response has been overwhelming. Why don’t you check them out for yourself? They are kinda fun.

Best, Ryan

Mission Repair anniversary!

Hello folks, we’re going to take a short break this afternoon to share and celebrate with our employees. . .

It’s our Mission Repair Anniversary, and we have another successful year in the books.

Stop on by today and I'll bring you a piece!

Speaking of successes, this business was started on a kitchen table and now several years later we’re established as a long-term Service Provider for most of your portable electronics. Each year we grow our value, add new services and gain more customers across the country. Have you seen our newest commercial that launched yesterday? It’s up on our Mission Repair Youtube channel and we’re getting huge praises for the creativity.

The next commercial is in the works and it will air in 30 days. Stay tuned to NBC and FOX to see them live!
It’s cake time, I’ll be back to talk soon.

Take care, Ryan