Half a Million Readers can’t be wrong!

Hello everyone, just a quick blog, about my blog, because we are just a few days from reaching a milestone.

We're getting some respectable numbers.

*Almost* 500,000 unique readers and growing! We are averaging about 600 new sets of eyes every day – so next time you’re on the bus, waiting in line at the bank, or at your neighborhood grocery market – ask a stranger about the Mission Repair blog. Chances are you’ll run into good company somewhere 😉

Wow, 4:45pm on Thursday afternoon already. I’m still working on this morning’s emails. Yikes, I’m outta here.


Cracked MacBook Screen? Whoosh, it’s just like magic!

I got a ton of feedback on my last post about the cracked iPhone 3GS. Yes, that was a true story and that phone really did arrive at the Mission Repair shop looking just like that.

But what about a laptop? What options do you have when you drop your $1500 computer on the floor and it ends up looking like this:

If this happens to you, all is not lost!

First, you feel ill. Second, you wonder if your warranty will cover it (it won’t). Third, you blame the dog. Once you recover from the initial shock, you remember that Mission Repair charges less that a hundred bucks to make this problem go away. We rescue computers and it works like magic!

These units come into our shop and within 24 hours they go back out looking like new again. Here’s the SAME COMPUTER not 30 minutes later after taking the photo above:

Whoosh! Like magic, this MacBook Unibody glass is replaced and looking brand new again. Of course we always test our computers after we repair them, and by some good luck this customer had the Mission Repair website already pulled up in their browser 😉

All of our MacBook Unibody glass repairs are the same price = $99 installed. And if you should ever break it again, you’re in good hands – because you automatically have our GOT REPAIR program benefits that kick in on any future repairs and all you need to do is call us at 866-638-8402 and you’ll never pay $99 again. Once again, “whoosh” it’s like magic.

Thanks for reading, don’t forget that we’re the best in the business.

Have a great day, Ryan

Cracked iPhone? That’s an understatement.

Hi again everyone, I continually talk about this and as you know we fix iPhones. Well, at least I hope you know this by now 😉

As I was perusing our repair center today, I saw this one that really stuck out to me. There are a couple of points that I wanted to share:

Firstly, from the back, this unit looks PRISTINE! I mean truly this is one of the best looking 3GS iPhones I’ve seen come through here. Does this thing really need a repair?

Then when you flip the unit over:

All I can say is “wow”. It can be categorized as “amazingly shattered” or “unbelievably smashed” or “FUBAR” (you’re going to have to look this one up if you don’t know what it means).

iPhone 3GS Screen Repair just $49 installed!

Frankly, to us it’s really just a broken iPhone 3GS and it doesn’t matter whether is “superbly cracked” or just simply needs a new piece of glass, the price and the service are the same for this device. $49 installed. That also includes a 1 year warranty and our amazing GOT REPAIR benefits. We still receive hundreds of iPhone 3GS’s in for repair each month and you can trust Mission Repair to get you back in business.

Have a great night, Ryan

We are expanding our Mission Repair hours again!

Hello folks, it’s true. . .

We are expanding our operating hours starting April 15th, 2012. WE WILL BE OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK!

That’s right, 7 days a week, closed major holidays. I would have opted to be open on April 8th, but that’s Easter Sunday – a major holiday – and while I’d love to be open 365 days a year we WILL take breaks from time-to-time 😉

We’ve got our staff in place and we’re geared for our new business expansion to start in April. We’ll be here and we’ll fix your iPod, iPhone or iPad while you wait and we’ll continue to be the best repair company as you’d expect. Why are we open 7 days a week?

Because you, our customers, asked us to.

Thanks folks, Ryan

Kindle 3 screen repairs on sale now! No coupon necesary!

Hello folks, we’re LOADED with Kindle 3 LCD screens in stock. I need to move some of this inventory- we’re getting these in for repair consistently, but the numbers are just a little light. We’re going to slash the price for the next few days to clean up the overstock!

Normally, we are performing Kindle 3 Screen Repairs for $109 – right now and until Saturday March 31, 2012 they are on sale for just $89 installed! There’s no coupon necessary!

So if you’ve been thinking about getting the Kindle repaired, now is the time. Once we sell through a few hundred of these services the price will go back to normal.

Thanks for your readership. . .which reminds me that we are almost at 500,000 unique readers on the Mission Repair blog. . .that’s quite a feat! That’s why our blog is so highly ranked in the Blogosphere and within Google, so once again thank you.

Take care, Ryan