Misson Repair Memorial Day Weekend Hours! Duly noted. . .

Hello folks, we’re hard at work here at Mission Repair getting orders out for the big holiday weekend approaching! I’m running around my business like a madman, trying to put the finishing touches on a few items so we can get out of here for the Memorial Day Weekend approaching! Here’s an action shot of our resident Marine, Ryan Flynn stripping down an iPhone for a glass repair:

Ryan Flynn – master iPhone technician!

We have a new process and production line here at Mission Repair with several stations (“Flynn” is working at Station #3 – assembly) and he’s always down for a picture. He’s a great guy and technician.

I just wanted to let you all know that we are open for business as usual on Saturday and Sunday, but we are closed for Memorial Day on Monday May 28, 2012. Our offices and service lab are closed for the day. Don’t worry though, we’ll continue to press forward even though we’re short a day this month, we understand how important it is to have your repaired devices back in your hands asap.

Do you have any big plans for the weekend? I’m thinking “boat”, I don’t know why 😉

Take care, Ryan (Arter)

Google called.

Hello there everyone, we’re knocking ’em down here at Mission Repair!

Google searches out and finds prominent small businesses throughout the country and promotes them each year through an economic study. You might recall that Mission Repair was featured as the business selected to represent Kansas back in 2010, you can see my original blog post about it here.

Hello, Ryan? This is Google calling!

Well I received a call this week from Google and they are once again partnering with 50 small businesses around the country to interview – one from each state, and Mission Repair will once again represent the Sunflower State! I had a detailed interview with them and they are sending out a photography team to our repair center in Olathe, Kansas tomorrow.

I’m buzzing around out on the production line floor making sure that we look our best. It’s an honor to know that Google is watching and noticing that Mission Repair is on the growth path that we predicted.

Stay tuned for a follow up blog with a link to the article.

Best, Ryan

View our newest commercial online – or just watch NBC and FOX.

Hello again folks, our newest commercial has launched and is rolling- we’re hearing all day today “I saw your commercial, I have a broken (FILL IN YOUR BROKEN IDEVICE HERE) and I need it fixed!”

In this commercial, our “BUSY BUSINESSMAN” is trying to get in a quick workout during his lunch hour – while still trying to send emails and chat with a co-worker. Of course, he gets a little ahead of himself and gets caught up in his “deal” – the cute girl working out next to him is too much for him to handle.

SMASH! Another iPad that needs work at Mission Repair!

We’re having fun with our Mission Repair commercials and the response has been overwhelming. Why don’t you check them out for yourself? They are kinda fun.

Best, Ryan

Speaking of Saturdays. . .

We’ve been open 6 days a week at Mission Repair for about a year now. . .and it’s going very well for us. Additionally we’re open on Sundays starting a April.

Frankly I’ll be honest, I don’t spend many Saturdays at the office, however today is an exception. We are once again expanding our operation and adding another 5,000 square feet to our service lab soon, so I’m here getting the final plans in place and moving some of the unnecessary items out of our warehouse to make room for the construction.

The “unnecessary items” are mostly my personal items that I’ve stashed at the Mission Repair warehouse so I guess it’s time to clean house! I feel a giant garage sale in my future I’m sure!

We’re having a job fair in Olathe shortly. . .we are interviewing for 20 new employees to start in mid-April to fill this new tech room. It’s a great time to start with Mission Repair as we are in an enormous growth mode that sure to continue -so don’t delay. If you’re looking to join an amazing team, send your resume to “jobs@missionrepair.com” for consideration!

Best, Ryan

Need that iPhone Logic Board Repaired? No problem, Mission Repair is on it!

Hello again everyone, I’m so thrilled with our capabilities I just need to talk to you about our component level logic board repair service. We have a team of individuals that are skilled in this type of troubleshooting – it’s not something that I can personally do to be honest!

When I say, “logic board repair”, I mean that we are able to service and replace the *tiny* components on each board with success. In the electronics world, this is “component level repair” and we are saving thousands of electronic boards from the landfill! That’s a nice way to spin it, huh 😉

Why is this important? Well, many repair companies DON’T offer this service. They will simply quote out a replacement used logic board which does work at times, but the difference is that we can repair YOUR board at a discounted price.

It may have failed due to water damage, drop or even electrical shock. If your board is truly beyond repair, we’ll let you know. . .otherwise we can get you fixed up right.

All of our board repairs come with a 90 day warranty and we’re happy to take a look at them for FREE. This means that if we don’t fix it, you don’t pay.

I’ll repeat that: IF WE DON’T FIX IT, YOU DON’T PAY.

I mean, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I charged you for something that I couldn’t do. It’s just the way that I want to be treated.

With that being said, there’s no risk when working with us. . .if you have a fried iPod, dead iPhone, failing iPad, faulty MacBook -well you get the picture- get it into us and we’ll tell you what’s going on, free of charge.

Talk to you again soon, RYan