iPad Glass Screen Lesson. Cracked = Not Good. Repaired = Good.

Hello everyone, I’ve been scouring the internet doing a little market research and if you’ve been following the blog at all lately, we’ve added a ton of new products and services. My General Manager Troy has really been at it hard finding and creating these new part numbers so we can offer them as soon as we can!

While I was doing my weekly website reviews, I have noticed a couple of our competitors have started adopting our exclusive “Got Repair” benefits (albeit they offer them under a different name) which is good to see. . .I mean, it’s just the right thing to do in this industry. In this business we know that devices are fragile and can crack. They are made of glass 😉

As I’ve said in the past, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…and in this case it appears that even the competition is taking notice, good job everyone! The Mission Repair “Got Repair” program benefits means that if you ever use Mission Repair for your screen repair, and if it ever breaks again even if you drop it, all you need to do is give us a call and we’ll repair it again for you under this program. That’s it.

For example, let’s say you bought yourself a shiny new iPad last week, and then dropped and cracked the screen. I know this can happen, not only is my iPhone 5 currently cracked, but we see over 1,000 iPads in our service center every month with cracked screens- and we’re sympathetic to every one. So you do a little research, love our service, and get your cracked iPad into us for service. We will take the unit in, install a brand new glass panel, test the device through our QA department, and get it back to you just as soon as humanly possible. How soon you ask? We can even do it for you while you wait if you come visit our service lab in Olathe.

You’re back to “happy” again – but then try to imagine if that screen was broken again 😦

I know, it’s an accident, it’s a terrible thing, and you had to have it repaired once – you might even ask “why me”? Well this is where you thank yourself for using Mission Repair to fix your ailing iPad – because we already have you in our system and because we want you to remember us and always use us for your electronics repair needs. So we will repair that same glass panel again and you’ll never pay full price again. It’s a thank you from Mission Repair to you, and it helps ease the pain of a bad situation. Does this mean that you’ll always pay if you ever have a problem with your screen after we repair it? No! The screen does come with a full ONE YEAR warranty against manufacturer defects and we’d be happy to repair it again if something fails under this warranty, and at no charge to you whatsoever!

So remember Mission Repair lesson #213. Cracked iPad Glass = Not Good. Repaired iPad Glass = Good.

Talk to you again soon, Ryan

Lower price on the New iPad Glass Repair, this is a big one!

Hello folks and I hope you’re having a great afternoon!

We’ve just received a new batch of BRAND NEW iPad Screens for The NEW iPad (a.k.a iPad 3!) and we got a whopping deal. We’re passing on the savings to you, and starting immediately, the NEW iPad glass repair is just $189 installed! You can choose either black or white.

Remember that as with all of our glass repair services we automatically include our GOT REPAIR benefits so that if you ever crack that screen after we repair it, just give us a call, you’ll never pay full price again…ever!

We are adding a ton of new products to our service lineup today- screen repairs for the Motorola Atrix 2 (glass and LCD) and for the Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. It’s a fun time to be around the Mission Repair water cooler, a lot is happening so stay tuned!!

Best, Ryan

View our newest commercial online – or just watch NBC and FOX.

Hello again folks, our newest commercial has launched and is rolling- we’re hearing all day today “I saw your commercial, I have a broken (FILL IN YOUR BROKEN IDEVICE HERE) and I need it fixed!”

In this commercial, our “BUSY BUSINESSMAN” is trying to get in a quick workout during his lunch hour – while still trying to send emails and chat with a co-worker. Of course, he gets a little ahead of himself and gets caught up in his “deal” – the cute girl working out next to him is too much for him to handle.

SMASH! Another iPad that needs work at Mission Repair!

We’re having fun with our Mission Repair commercials and the response has been overwhelming. Why don’t you check them out for yourself? They are kinda fun.

Best, Ryan

New iPad Glass Repairs, just $210 installed!

Hello folks, we’re at it again. We’ve been taking orders and blowing away the market with our astounding New iPad Glass Repair Service that is just $210 installed. We’ve also got the best shipping rates and amazing packaging so you can rest assured that the trip to and from your location won’t cause additional damage.

Are you local to us? Just stop on by! We will get your New iPad back in shape, fast. Why is that important? It’s what our customers expect and it’s what we deliver. Amazing price, spectacular service, highest quality parts, and the best warranties. With walk-in service and no appointment necessary thats even available on the weekend you’d have to truly ask why you’d go anywhere else.

Need more convincing? (I didn’t think so), but you can ALWAYS call into one of our helpful customer service representatives for assistance at 866-638-8402. There is a team standing by for you!

Best, Ryan