Need that iPhone Logic Board Repaired? No problem, Mission Repair is on it!

Hello again everyone, I’m so thrilled with our capabilities I just need to talk to you about our component level logic board repair service. We have a team of individuals that are skilled in this type of troubleshooting – it’s not something that I can personally do to be honest!

When I say, “logic board repair”, I mean that we are able to service and replace the *tiny* components on each board with success. In the electronics world, this is “component level repair” and we are saving thousands of electronic boards from the landfill! That’s a nice way to spin it, huh 😉

Why is this important? Well, many repair companies DON’T offer this service. They will simply quote out a replacement used logic board which does work at times, but the difference is that we can repair YOUR board at a discounted price.

It may have failed due to water damage, drop or even electrical shock. If your board is truly beyond repair, we’ll let you know. . .otherwise we can get you fixed up right.

All of our board repairs come with a 90 day warranty and we’re happy to take a look at them for FREE. This means that if we don’t fix it, you don’t pay.

I’ll repeat that: IF WE DON’T FIX IT, YOU DON’T PAY.

I mean, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I charged you for something that I couldn’t do. It’s just the way that I want to be treated.

With that being said, there’s no risk when working with us. . .if you have a fried iPod, dead iPhone, failing iPad, faulty MacBook -well you get the picture- get it into us and we’ll tell you what’s going on, free of charge.

Talk to you again soon, RYan

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