So you dropped your MacBook. It’s OK, watch Mission Repair make it better.

So I just talked to a customer that that was embarrassed and disappointed that her MacBook broke – and she told me the entire story about how her room mate knocked the clothes hamper into the computer that was sitting on the coffee table, that subsequently hit the floor and cracked the screen. She went on to say that she’s a college student and didn’t want to tell her parents that it happened.

After calling Apple and her local Apple Service Provider – both quoted her $750 to replace the screen for her.

Once I got on the phone with her, I reassured her that we’ll get it done, done faster than anyone else, use the same parts that Apple uses, and get it done for a LOT LESS. I even felt compelled to give her a 10% discount because her story was a sad one. . .not even her fault. I also promised that I wouldn’t tell her parents 😉

So we repair MacBook Cracked Screens for $189 (that’s the newer, White Polycarbonate MacBook with the rubberized bottom) or the older style Black or White MacBook Screen Repairs are only $174.

Those are INSTALLED PRICES. With a 1 YEAR WARRANTY against manufacturer defects. And with our GOT REPAIR benefits that last forever which means that if you ever crack or break that same screen again, Mission Repair will repair it again under those same benefits that cost you NOTHING up front.

With all of the benefits, Mission Repair is truly the Intelligent Choice. But don’t take my word for it, give us a call and talk to one of our customer service reps – we’re here for you 866-638-8402.

See ya, Ryan

Oh, you want a 10% Discount Coupon Code too? No problem. Insert “GREENAPPLE” when checking out online to get that same 10% discount.

Motorola Repairs are flowing at Mission Repair!

Hello again folks, I’m kind of on a BLOG “roll” this morning and it’s not going to let up any time soon 😉

We’re launching another new Motorola repair today for the Motorola Atrix Headphone Jack Repair.

Need that Atrix fixed?

The Atrix is a cool little Android smartphone. This 4G phone has specs that border on science fiction – which probably explains all the awards it won at CES 2011:

The world’s first smartphone with a dual-core processor.
The world’s first qHD display – up to 2x brighter than leading smartphone screens while consuming only a fraction of the power.
Unique webtop application.
Fast Web browsing with Adobe® Flash® 10.
Enhanced battery life – enough to watch two full-length movies back to back.
Fingerprint security – lock and unlock with just one hand.
3D gaming capability with NVIDIA® Tegra™ graphics.

The list goes on and on, but when you need a repair on this little beauty, who are you gonna call?

Mission Repair.

We’ve got the expertise, the parts, the knowledge and the drive to get your repair done right so you can get back to normal. We’re happy to be your service provider of choice!

It’s a busy morning here at the Mission Repair base, I’ll be back soon with some more cool info!

Take care, Ryan

We are the screen experts, but what happens when your headphone jack has a problem?

It’s OK, we are known for our amazing screen repairs on iPod, iPhones, iPads, Cell phones. . .well the list is getting extensive and it’s hard to keep up! That’s why I’m here to make things easy for you. First of all, if you don’t know whether we repair a device that you own, just give us a call at 866-638-8402 and we’ll be happy to help you out!

We’re continuing to add new services, and today we happy to announce the Motorola Xoom Headphone Jack Repair! We’ve quickly become adept at these repairs, and we’re expanding out massive line of tablet offerings. If you get something stuck in the headphone jack, or if the sound is “scratchy” or only playing out of one channel, this is the repair for you!

Mission Repair xoom screen repair

We’ve got the parts in stock (yes, we keep a warehouse FULL of parts) and the expertise to get this repair done, done right, and done fast. How does a 1 business day turnaround sound? Try finding that anywhere else on the planet for a Motorola Xoom Headphone Jack Repair. If you do, let me know 😉

We’re launching the repair program at just $69 installed, what are you waiting for?

I’ll be back soon. . .Ryan

We’ve arrived! The HTC Arrive Phone Repairs now available at Mission Repair!

Hello this fine fine morning! Well it’s been hot and muggy here in Kansas City that’s for sure for the last few days. I better plan a weekend trip to the lake soon. . .well at least an afternoon at the lake sounds like a good idea 😉

Well, we’ve arrived – and as I said a blog or two ago we’re launching a ton of new services and selling a ton of new parts this week. This morning I’m announcing our new HTC Arrive Screen Repair solution available at Mission Repair.

Pop it up and presto with the HTC Arrive. . .
Surf the Web, view pictures, play games, and immerse yourself in apps with a brilliant 3.6-inch touch screen. The screen tilts up for even better viewing when you slide out the soft-touch keyboard. Visit the HTC Hub for fun and handy apps to take notes, touch up your vacation pictures, follow your stocks, see the weather in 3-D, and more.

Never miss a moment with the HTC Arrive. . .
Fire up the 5 MP camera without even unlocking your phone. View photos on your phone right next to those from Facebook,® Windows Live,® Flickr,® and other cloud-based services in the Pictures Hub.

This phone was recently reviewed by Engadget this year here.

We’re happy to report that we can now repair these phones, specifically damaged screens and we’re also including our “GOT REPAIR” benefits with each screen repair. This means that if you ever break your screen after our repair we will fix it again under our “GOT REPAIR” benefit program. It’s the Intelligent Choice.

I’ll be back with more info on more new services soon!

Best, Ryan

We’re flying around here – announcing the HTC Flyer Repair!

Hello everyone, it’s been a wild time. This back to school season has all of us here at the Mission Repair base busy and we’re thrilled about it.

We are happy to announce another new employee today, Dave Lensen has started to assist in the shipping and receiving department. We’re committed to keeping our 24 – hour turn around times and working hard to do so!

Cracked HTC Flyer

Additionally we’ve added several new services this week. 19 new ones to be exact. We’ll start first with the HTC Flyer screen repair

The HTC Flyer is a portable 7-inch tablet with a digital pen that can do more for you than you can imagine. From creating masterpieces with a stroke of a paintbrush, to taking multimedia notes or even signing digital documents, HTC Flyer puts you in control of any situation. With streaming movies at a touch of your finger, HTC Flyer turns any moment into something special.

This tablet market is seeing some amazing development and we’re happy to be the company to assist with these cracked screens. Remember that we also include our “Got Repair” benefits on HTC Flyer Screen Repairs so if you ever crack or break that screen after we repair it, just give us a call!

So there we go for now. I have 18 more blogs to write about the other 18 new services added. I’ll be spreading them over the next few days so stay tuned!

Best, Ryan