Samsung Galaxy S II Repairs now available at Mission Repair!

Hello all, how’s your week been? I’m going to be honest, mine has been interesting. We are exploding with new repair orders, I’m juggling our new site over on 133rd and State Line in Kansas City, and we’ve got several new employees starting their careers at Mission Repair – and all of these things are making life fun!

We’re also not above adding new repairs as needed and I’m happy to announce the release of our Samsung Galaxy S II Repairs now available at Mission Repair!

The Galaxy S II has the same type of fragile glass screen as most other smartphones today and Mission Repair is here to help. We’re also including our GOT REPAIR benefits that make sure you’re covered for life. It’s the way the Mission Repair world works.

I still have some amazing news to come your way soon. . .stay in touch!

Take care, Ryan

Cash for used iPhones and iPads – Going Green

Hello all, so much good news, so little time! I have a good friend in the electronics repair market and his new business promises to bring you a little cash if you ever want to sell that iDevice that you’ve got stashed in the junk drawer at home!

My friends at Tech Orchard, LLC provide a fast, “eco-friendly”, and hassle-free way for consumers to sell their used iPhones® or iPads® online. Users of the site receive an instant no-risk quote for their device(s) with seconds. Once a quote is accepted, users receive a postage-paid envelope in the mail within three business days to return with their device.

Click the picture for a quote!

Users of Tech Orchard service can choose to be paid via PayPal, check via mail, or users may donate their device to charity and Tech Orchard will add an additional 10% to their donation. The owner Phil Poge told me:

“We want to encourage people and organizations to be generous givers to great charities; so we’re adding 10% to every donation as our part” said Poje, a long-time advocate of social and environmental stewardship. “Being good stewards of our resources, and helping others is at the core of our mission. At Tech Orchard, we’ve made a serious commitment to minimizing our footprint by adopting FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified printing technologies, and utilizing recycled packaging materials in addition to our primary focus of repurposing and recycling electronic devices.”

Phil’s a great guy and his business is really taking off. I’m glad to be a part of watching it grow from inception.

As you know, I don’t talk a lot about other businesses in my blog, but Tech Orchard is worth the print. I encourage you to check them out!

Take care, Ryan

We are OPEN in Kansas City, Missouri!

Hello all,

It’s official. . .we are now open and available at our Kansas City location and we are taking walk in business as we speak!

We are open and ready! Pardon our construction.

When I say it’s official, I mean it. But I also want to make you aware that the store is open and ready for walk-ins, but it’s not that pretty. I am stating that now so if you stop by in the next week and if it still looks like we’re moving in, we are truly still moving in. The good part is that it’s only cosmetic- the back tech room is complete and 100% functional. We’ve got 4 technicians ready to rock at this new site and we’re going to use them to the fullest!

Our large lighted sign is in the works, so there’s no “MISSION REPAIR” sign out front, but we do have it on the door, and we’re happy and delighted to get your business at this new location if it’s more convenient for you to drop by that store. I know that it will be more convenient for the Apple Store in Leawood, Kansas- it’s about 1.5 miles from our new location and they are starting to send referrals over to us today. This is HUGE news and a big help.

Stop by and visit us!

Mission Repair
13141 State Line Road
Kansas City, Missouri 64145

We are taking walk-in and mail in repairs at this site, as well as walk-in and mail in repairs at our corporate headquarters and main service center in Olathe, Kansas. Additionally you can drop off your repairs in 5 other states and there may be a Mission Repair near you. If not – give us a call at 866-638-8402 and we’ll have your device picked up from your location. Truly there’s no need to leave your house, we will handle your repair from the comfort of your living room, but if you want to get outside and get some sunlight find us at one of our Mission Repair locations!

Take care, Ryan

iPhone 4S Glass Repairs, are they really breaking already?

The big question is “are they breaking already?” Here’s your answer:

Can Mission Repair fix cracked iPhone 4S screens? Yes we can.

Truthfully, we took 2 orders for glass repairs the very first day they released. I feel terrible for customers that this happens to and it’s leading me to something unbelievable – something so astounding – something so “MISSION REPAIR” – that I’m going to announce soon.

We don’t like hearing that customers drop their device the same day that it was purchased, it’s not a good situation for anyone. One could argue that it’s good for business but we do have a heart here at Mission Repair and we’re not solely driven by the almighty dollar. Frankly I’m in business so that I don’t have to work for anyone else. . .I’ve worked for some real “gems” in the past 😉 What is this leading me to?

We are launching a program that offers some customers FREE REPAIRS starting next week. I’m finalizing my plans, marketing and database as we’re going to further revolutionize the repair market with this addition to our GOT REPAIR program. Stay tuned but feel free to call in and ask about it, or just check back here on our blog within the next few days. It’ll blow your mind.

Until then, if you’ve got an iPhone 4S cracked screen that needs some attention, we’re here for ya. We have the parts in stock and we’re ready to go.

Have a great day!


The truth about iPod Touch 4 digitizer adhesive kits!

Hello all- I wanted to post this blog to clarify a few items about our exclusive iPod 4 adhesive kits. We are the only repair company in the world that is using the proper adhesives to adhere the new screen into the iPod Touch 4 frame. Most companies are using GLUE which can seep into the wrong places and further ruin parts – something that inferior repair center might do. Be careful out there!

We provide adhesive kits with our iPod Touch 4 digitizer replacement panels and we use them when we install a new glass panel into your iPod Touch 4. It’s nothing new. Here’s a peek at our kits: Mission Repair’s iPod Touch 4 Adhesive Kits!

Here’s a shot of the exclusive Mission Repair adhesives (Mission Repair adhesives are simply amazing).

Our adhesive kits are laser cut. Any adhesives that are “rotary die cut” allows for a pretty good cut, but not nearly as precise as the laser cutting. The amazing part about our adhesive kits is the material that we use – it’s our secret – but it out performs glue and other cheap overseas adhesives every time. We have installed over 20,000 adhesives in customer units and we’ve also sold our adhesives to repair centers all over the country.

The fact is that if the unit ever needs to be worked on again, we can separate the adhesive from the frame and get back inside the device and even re-use the glass – you won’t be able to do this with a “glued” in glass- it will crack and shatter the second you try to remove it. This is an advantage that you can only get from the Mission Repair adhesives which is small for you our customer, but huge for the technicians that work on the devices. Trust me on this one!

Hey everyone have a great weekend, but remember to think about the repairs that you’re getting from other sites on the ‘net. Don’t be afraid to ask a few questions – or call us at 866-638-8402 and ask us, we have nothing to hide!

Take care, Ryan