Deal of the day and website upgrades. Let’s talk.

Hello there!

We just did a another major upgrade to our website and our servers. We have partnered with Akamai, the world’s leading CDN (short for Content Distribution Network) provider and we’re in good company – we now utilize the same technology as our friends at Apple, Inc!

What does this mean for us? We spread our website content across 72 countries, mirrored on over 95,000 servers. So when you visit MISSIONREPAIR.COM from your location, you’ll automatically receive our site content from the fastest server that’s closest to you which greatly boosts our site’s speed!

This is important as our site is deep, full of content and pictures, and becomes overwhelmed at times with traffic. In fact, we received double the anticipated traffic in the month of August which is something we monitor closely. We also monitor where the traffic comes from – the best part is that I can see the competition watching our site and it’s always fun to get a good chuckle at that the time they spend sniffing around! Heck, I can’t blame them 😉

The bottom line is this – we’re committed to improving our site, our speed, our availability and our website uptime. . .all of which are part of the customer experience that I’m happy to bring to you.

Additionally, we’ve added a new link on our homepage – it’s at the top just under “Full Service Repairs” that says “Deal of the Day!”

Click that link that that’s what you’ll get. The deal of the day. This deal will change often, if not every day, so keep it bookmarked and keep your eyes peeled. There’s no coupon needed and it’s always the best savings. Click here for todays “Deal of the Day” and we’ll talk again soon!

Take care, Ryan