Can you fix this?

A customer walked into our Corporate office today and showed our customer service representative this phone:

Can Mission Repair fix this?

This is a Samsung Infuse Smartphone with a cracked screen. How cow, yes, it looks pretty bad. . .but never fear, Mission Repair is on the job!

Truth be told, it doesn’t matter if there’s one small crack, a couple cracks, or a completely shattered screen like this one (that actually has pieces of the glass falling out!). We’re going to replace the entire front glass, this one is just slightly more entertaining that others!

So our answer is “YES”. We can fix this, it’s our business. I’ve got to constantly remind myself that many of our customer just aren’t sure what our capabilities at times- I take it for granted.

Thanks for asking, and if you should have any questions about our repair services, just shoot us an email.

Take care, Ryan