iPod Touch 4 Screen Repair, who wants a discount? You do!

Hello everyone, have you been watching our Deal of the Day page?

Well you should! Bookmark it. It’s always out best pricing on popular services, parts and accessories for your iPod, iPhone, smartphone or other small hand held electronic device. Yup, that includes just about any make or model of laptop computer too. What about iPad repairs? Of course, and many other tablets. The list is extensive!

Don't live with that cracked glass for long!

Check out the Deal of the Day today. . .iPod Touch 4th Gen Glass Repair. Normally $109. Right now. $89 – that’s right, only $89. We set the market, and this price is rocking it to it’s core. For $89 we will install a brand new glass, digitizer and LCD assembly and we’ll also install it within 24 hours. Need it done while you wait? No problem, stop on by our Main Service Center in Olathe, KS and we’ll do just that. Sorry that our Mission Repair locations in Delaware, Georgia, Illinois and Pennsylvania are truly just drop off locations, but heck it will still get done within 24 hours if you drop it off at any of those locations!

$89 can’t be beat for the iPod Touch 4th Gen Glass repair coupled with the benefits that you get from us. Remember that this also includes our Got Repair Guarantee benefits which mean that if you ever break that screen again after we repair it, we’ll repair it again under the Got Repair program, forever and as many times as you need. It’s a real lifetime warranty that you can sink your teeth into.

OK folks, I have several press releases to let fly so I’ll be back shortly with some other great and fun info!

Take care, Ryan

Tools make the job possible!

Hello everyone. . .we’ve all worked on something that required tools. Whether you’ve hung a picture, changed your own oil in your car, built a deck on the back of your house or more. . .

Without the use of tools, none of these jobs would be feasible. Try hammering a nail in the wall to hang a picture – without a hammer. It can’t be an easy task! Tools make the job possible.

For all of those Do-It-Yourself technicians out there, we understand the tool issue. That’s why Mission Repair is expanding our tool section and loading up our shelves with all of the tools that you’ll every need if you want to perform your own iPod Repair, iPhone glass replacement, or MacBook screen repair.

In fact our tool selection will help you with most, if not all of your computer repair needs. We want the job you’re doing to be easy and fast. Remember that the right tool makes all the difference.

Ok, I’m heading back to my list of projects, I’ll talk with you again soon!

Best, Ryan