Samsung Galaxy Indulge Repairs announced!

Hello again everyone, I have one more cell phone to add to the list of Mission Repair capabilities. . .

The Samsung Galaxy Indulge Repairs and Parts.

The Samsung Galaxy Indulge is the first 4G LTE Android 2.2 Platform smartphone built specifically for MetroPCS. Its functional design delivers a high quality entertainment experience through superior speed and innovation. Now it’s faster than ever to access and enjoy entertainment on-the-go and stay socially connected. With state-of-the-industry 4G LTE speed, you’ll surf the web complete with flash content, plus download and stream videos.

The Achilles heel of this and many other phones is the glass screen. We’ve already started taking in repairs for this device and it’s bound to fit in to our mainstream lineup of screen repairs. While it’s an amazing piece of technology, it’s equally fragile when dropped on concrete!

Do I get tired of talking about these new phones? Not at all. I am still an iPhone fan 😉 but the market demands new phones- seemingly on a daily basis. Mission Repair is ready. Willing. And able.

I’ll talk to you again soon, thanks to all of my 400,000 readers. I respect you all.

Best, Ryan

New Mission Repair retail site being added – open in October 2011!

OK, it’s official! I am very excited about this and it’s a game changer for us-

We are opening our very first 100% retail site right here in Kansas City! We will be in South Kansas City in a strip mall next to a Chipotle, Applebees and Walgreens about a mile from the Leawood Apple Store. With this new site our Kansas City reach will extend and we can better care for our Kansas City base of customers. I know, I know, I continually get requests from customers to open stores in other cities. Keep an eye on our LOCATIONS page for new site opening up near you!

New Retail Site Opening in October!

With this new site, we will have some interesting certifications that we’ve never had before. We will be able to perform warranty repairs for several manufacturers including my favorites. It’s been a long time coming, it’s taken a significant amount of work, but it’s the end result that I’ve been working toward. . .the best electronics repair business in the industry.

We will are keeping our Corporate Headquarters in Olathe as usual. This is also the location of our main repair center and the hub for our Nationwide Mail In Repairs – the New Kansas City Location is just being added for your convenience!

I’ll be back with the official release date, address and list of new capabilities next week. I’m ready to have some fun!

Best, Ryan

HTC Droid Inspire Repairs at new lower prices!

Hello folks, I’m in the saddle here at the Mission Repair Base and we’re having a great week. Confidence is high as we make our way through the stacks of projects I’ve gotten us into 😉

I’ll be getting back to my project list shortly, because there is a ton of great news that comes along with these items. . .

Let’s jump into today’s special deal – we’ve received a new lower price on our HTC parts and we’re passing the saving on to you!

We lowered our HTC Droid Inspire Glass Repair to just $99 installed. This is a 20% savings from the manufacturer’s repair price and we’ll do it in 24 hours – which is MUCH better than the manufacturer turnaround. Additionally, we will automatically include your device in our GOT REPAIR program which means that if you ever break it again just give us a call. We’ll repair it again under our GOT REPAIR program benefits. It’s simply amazing!

HTC Inspire Screens in stock!

We are also now selling the LCD repair for the Inspire as well. The cell phone line of repairs is really expanding at Mission Repair but if you don’t see a phone on our list that you need repaired, just let us know and we’ll add it!

Have a good Thursday, Ryan