When will the iPhone 5 be released?

This is a great question! Everyone seems to have an opinion on the subject and in the last few weeks I read everything from “It’ll be here in October” to “it’s delayed until 2012”.

Is the iPhone 5 going to be what we expect it to be?

Well it looks like we’ll have to wait for Apple to make their announcement on October 4th. The new Apple, Inc. CEO Tim Cook will present the new device to us and hopefully will be able to give us a firm date on when the device will be available to the public.

I’m looking forward to the new energy that Mr. Cook brings!

Additionally, I’m predicting a “limited” launch on the iPhone 5. I do know that the Apple factories in China have been working overtime – not overtime in the sense that we use it here in the USA i.e. “I worked 3 hours of overtime today boss”. Overtime in China is more like “if you’ve got a heartbeat and know how to turn a screwdriver, we need you assembling iPhone 5’s for 90 hours a week”. The Foxconn factories are full steam ahead and they have redirected most if not all of their excess resources into producing the iPhone 5.

I believe that they are still a little behind. We may see a limited launch, or instant backorders, or slow unveilings between the carriers. What if Sprint got the iPhone 5 in October and AT&T got it in December? Yikes, let’s hope that doesn’t happen!

On a side note, Blackberry is really taking a hit this year and they are hoping for the iPhone 5 to NEVER release. Sorry RIM, it’s gonna happen. The iPhone 5 will take over, and you can count on Mission Repair to be there the first day when a customer has a cracked glass on the iPhone 5. We’ll do our part!

Take care, Ryan