iPhone pentalobe screws. A security issue?

Hi there, there’s a lot of buzz out there right now about these new “security” screws on the bottom of the iPhone 4. In fact, they are appearing on new iPhones and after you have a repair completed with Apple. Is this some sort of security issue? It’s kinda of like a small flower-head screw next to the dock connector. Here’s what I’m talking about:

So we’re getting calls about these new nifty “security” screws. Well, where there’s a screw, there’s a screw driver. We here at Mission Repair have the tools and the knowledge, in house, to repair your iPhone whether it has the 00 phillips screw head or the new pentalobe screw head.

You can’t go out to buy the pentalobe screwdriver at your local hardware store. This is just not feasible and therefore the most likely cause for the “panic” that these screws are causing in the marketplace. Not to worry. . .we don’t buy our iPhone parts at the local hardware store, nor our repair tools. If it was that easy everyone would be doing it!

Need some pentalobe advice? Let me know and I’ll help out where I can!

Thanks, Ryan

Mission Repair on iLounge – it’s the reader’s pick!

Hello all, we just launched a new marketing piece with iLounge. Did you go to CES in Las Vegas this year? Did you see all of the iLounge material in the North Hall? They were everywhere and you couldn’t escape it – frankly it was an impressive marketing scheme and I wish them all the best.

I’ve worked with Dennis at iLounge in the past and we’ve rekindled our business relationship. Mission Repair is a proud Sponsor of iLounge’s “Help!” section on their website and it feels good to be a part of the iLounge community again! It’s not a rotating ad nor it is animated, sorry 😉

Why are we on the “Help!” pages? That’s easy. We help the community by providing thousands of services to keep your small electronics operational. We repair iPhones. We repair iPads. We’ve pioneered many new processes and we strive to make a difference in our customer’s lives. . .for the better. We know that life can sometimes happen and Mission Repair is here to help.

Thanks, Ryan