The truth about the iPhone 4 Glass Replacement!

Hello everyone, this post is in response to the THOUSANDS of you that have read my earlier post about iPhone 3G Glass and Digitizer Replacements. I just need to clarify some of the questions that we receive constantly about this particular repair.

The dreaded iPhone 4 “cracked glass” issue!

We are flowing a massive amount of 3G Glass Replacements through our business these days – iPhone 4 parts and repairs are steadily growing and I want to clear up a few inquiries right here:

1. The 3G/3GS Glass and Digitizer WILL NOT WORK in your iPhone 4. As they look similar, they are 100% different products and not interchangeable.

2. The iPhone 4 Glass Repair is more expensive than the 3G and 3GS iPhone Glass Repair. The reason is that the iPhone 4 version of the glass was an assembly of the glass, digitizer, and LCD screen. The 3G version has a separate LCD screen, and therefore it’s a less expensive assembly.

3. You cannot just replace the glass on the iPhone 4. To fix a cracked glass on an iPhone 4 we must replace the glass, digitizer and the LCD as I stated above. These parts are (for a lack of better term) “fused” together from the factory. There is just no way to safely separate and reuse any of these parts.

4. You cannot use “plexiglass” and perform your own “cheap” repair. This is ridiculous. I have seen posts advising this and I challenge anyone to prove that they can get the touch digitizer and LCD off of their broken glass front and get it to work with a home made plexiglass front. Can’t be done.

5. We do sell “Do-it-yourself” iPhone 4 Glass assemblies. You can find them on our website. The 3G version is much easier but it’s still only for the very “technically inclined” end user.

This will help with some of the common questions, for sure. We know that there are many theories out there but you can take solid advice from us here at Mission Repair. We’ve repaired THOUSANDS of units and it makes perfect sense to listen to the voice of experience. Still have questions? Give us a call at 866-638-8402 and we’ll get you on the phone with a technician right away!

Thanks everyone, have a great weekend. Ryan

We answer the phone!

Hello all- it’s a slamming Monday morning here at Mission Repair and we’re keeping up. In fact, when it’s necessary I’m the “backup” telephone “answerer” – yes, even I am not above answering the phones here on the front line at the office. I mean, I know that when you need an iPhone repair, getting a voicemail isn’t going to do you any good! One of my employees took this pic of me today in my office – it’s proof 😉

Ryan Arter: The art of Customer Service!

So during this call, a customer told me that they called 2 other competitors and we were the only company to answer the phone. In fact, I had a great conversation with this customer who needed a 17″ MacBook Pro Glass Repair. Come to find out, we were $500 less than what they expected, we offer a 24 hour turnaround, and we offer same day pickup on their MacBook Pro in South Carolina. They were blown away.

Nothing has changed here at Mission Repair. It’s just the way we do business. If you find our customer service to be any different, I want to know about it!

Hey, thanks for reading, I’ll be back soon!