Mission Repair Server Upgrade = Success!

Good afternoon folks, it’s late Friday afternoon and we just finished our newest server upgrade for our database and website at http://www.missionrepair.com. We took our old server to it’s limits – and enough employee “grumbling” I finally made the executive decision to make a major upgrade.

What does this mean? Well right away we noticed a huge speed increase on the database side. That’s the employee database which is also linked to the site and our customer data.

Additionally, just plain surfing our site is MUCH faster. Pages are loading and the site just “feels” better. This is a huge relief to me (I HATE SERVER AND WEBSITE ISSUES!) that the site up up, the database is in tact, and you, our customers, didn’t see any downtime. Well if you noticed the downtime it was minimal and I apologize as well. The site was only down for moments today and this blog is to let you know that we are 100% and running FAST. I’m going to go decompress now for the weekend and I’ll be back in a couple days with more great Mission Repair info.

Thanks, I hope your NFL team wins this week, whomever they may be!