Mission Repair has gone International!

Hello all-

We’ve been busy working on our site to bring yet another level of service to our customers. . .by now offering International Shipping. Many customers have requested this for years, and until now it’s just been too cumbersome and too much work to ship Internationally. Well thanks to the hard work of my team and our partnership with FedEx, we have the means and the automated capability with our servers to make shipping abroad a snap.

So why is it so easy? Well, since we’re a trusted FedEx Power Shipper we are pre-approved for International shipments and pre-cleared with customs. We’re also using electronic trade documents so there’s no more packet of “junk” on the outside of our shipments to get lost or misplaced. The package is clean, the shipment is clean, the customs clearance happens even before customs receives the package, and the item is delivered to your International location within a couple of days.

So, there you have it. Another Mission Repair feat. International shipping on iPod Repair Parts, iPhone Screens and Assemblies, MacBook Screens, and iPad glass. We want to share our ability with the world, and now we have.

Thanks. . .look for this news, well, in the news tomorrow. You heard it here first! – Ryan