Price drops on iPhone glass repairs!

This is my quick attempt to illustrate a price drop. Get it? Price drop? Ha, I’m so easily entertained. Give me a break my noodle is fried, it’s Friday afternoon and I’m ready for the weekend coming up. I want to watch some football and relax!

Well, this afternoon we’ve dropped the prices on our 3G iPhone Screen Repair and 3GS iPhone Screen Repair services and Do-It-Yourself iPhone Glass Repair kits. Why?

Well we just received another price decease from our vendors. This means we are passing on our price decreases to you. Many businesses would just keep the pricing the same to make more money. While this is a worthy idea, I like the thought of extended the price decrease to you, our customers, as an equally worthy cause. And that’s it!

Well, we’re going to be closing up in the next hour and we’ll be back on Monday. Until then, have a great weekend and I’ll talk to you next week!

Best, Ryan