Little League Baseball season is upon us!!

Hello all-

I’ve been coaching my son’s little league for many years now. However I think that I’ve taken him as far as I can with my relatively limited skills. . .together we’ve done a great job learning the game, being good sports, and settling into “his” position at 1st base. The fact is that he’s a very good player and has a knack and the right temperament for the game.

Casey at bat with his new hitting coach!

So I’ve given in and signed him up with a professional hitting coach. If there’s anywhere this guy can improve, it’s hitting. It’s just a little bit of a “pride stomper” for me. I mean, this is MY son. I’ve trained this guy from 5 years old until now (he just turned 14) and he’s doing well. It just takes a lot to give your son to someone else when you know that you’re no longer the best 😉

There’s no denying that I’m not a professional hitting coach and I understand that. I also understand that if Casey wants to make the Spring Hill High School baseball team next year, these lessons are only going to help.

Here’s to watching our kids grow. Don’t have kids? Well, if you’ve got a niece, a pet, or a plant and they all relate. Each takes a little nurturing and love until they are ready for independence. Yikes, he’ll be driving soon!

Ok, I just got back into the Mission Repair office and hitting my emails pretty hard. I’ll be back in touch soon.


P.S. Those are his lucky socks. Ball players are so superstitious!