Happy holidays from Mission Repair.

Hello blog readers. We are just a few days away from a long Christmas holiday and we are going to be closed on Christmas Eve (12/24/10) to be at home with our families. From all of us at Mission Repair, we wish you a Happy Holiday and safe weekend.

Until then we are still open for business and rocking. Stop on by our office – we have more Christmas treats than we can eat and we’d be happy to share the goodies!

Merry Christmas, Ryan

Holiday Hours and Christmas Party at Mission Repair!

Hello everyone, can you feel the holiday approaching us. . .fast? I didn’t really let it register until all of the wrapped presents filled the tree last weekend at the Arter house. . .I don’t know why I waited so long but we ended up wrapping presents for several hours on Sunday. My son Casey has PLENTY and my daughter, Tayler, basically asked for cash – how do you wrap cash? In one card? Well that’s going to be a “quick” Christmas for her! Regardless, the quantity ratio is off, but it’s all about the giving right? I’m just looking forward to a couple of days off coming up and spending time with my family.

So this week is our annual company Christmas party- and we’ve reserved the Midway Showroom at Dave and Busters in Kansas City (again) for our celebration! We’ll get 30 of us together, split up into a few teams and run the gauntlet of activities they provide. They then serve us a HUGE buffet of awesome food and drinks- and we always finish with my version of a White Elephant gift exchange. It’s actually a Mission Repair “Green” Elephant – I supply all of the gifts and hand them out in a game-show type fashion. It’s a highlight for me, always brings a bunch of laughs (last year one of the gag gifts was a pair of Santa Boxers and a Santa Neck Tie, it was a “complete” outfit!) and it got passed around and exchanged a few times – it was kind of like a hot potato!

With all of these Christmas activities, it’s good to know that Mission Repair will have a few changes in our normal hours coming soon –

Mission Repair is CLOSED on December 24, 2010 and December 31, 2010.

We will be working extra hard to get all of our shipments out this week before the holiday. . .however our biggest sales day of the entire year was yesterday (except for Cyber Monday) and it’s made our operations manager Troy, a little nervous.

I’m totally confident. We’ll get the job done like we always do and we’ll be ready for 2011.

Thanks, I’ll be talking to you soon, Ryan

PC Hard Disk Upgrades announced!

Have a Windows laptop that is running out of drive space? Need more storage? Too many pictures clogging up your memory? We have just announced a full-lineup of brand new services for your Windows CPU.

We start our upgrades at 120GB hard drives for $114…installed! And go up to 1TB drive upgrades (that’s a lot of space!) for just $229 installed! Holy cow, that seems amazing!

What about your data? Good question. The data transfer is included in these prices, so when you receive your computer back, it will boot up normally, but it will just have MORE drive space than ever before. This is the essence of an upgrade and Mission Repair is the best in the country at it! If your data is corrupted we will try to retrieve as much as we can, however we will install a fresh copy of your Windows operating system for you so you can start fresh in these cases. You’ll just need to input your activation key and like Mission Repair magic, it will be restored.

It’s another awesome set of services that our customers have been clamoring for!

Speaking of clamoring, anyone seen that new movie “The Tourist”? I know that it just released this month, and my son Casey is going to see it tonight with a group of friends. He was invited to his first boy/girl birthday party and he’s excited. I figured since he’s a teenager now, it’s OK. Don’t worry, I verified that the parents of the birthday girl will be just 2 rows back 😉 Nothing like having your parents in the same movie theater huh? Works for me!

We’re getting close to leaving for the day but I’ll be back. . .

Best, Ryan

Dell laptop charging port repairs launched!

Good afternoon internet. We are slipping into a cold afternoon out here in Kansas City, but it’s not as bad as Chicago today. Yikes! My folks took a trip up to Chicago for a couple of days and I think that they will be looking forward to coming home soon. They are going to get 3″ of snow and some cold wind chills. Not a good weather forecast for a walk on the Navy Pier!

Well, back in my toasty office, Marc and I have been working on several new product lines. We are happy to announce today that we are now offering PC Laptop DC-IN board repair services on the most popular brands of PC’s on the market. The DC-In board is also known as the charging port or power plug repair. It doesn’t matter what you call it, but if you’re having charging issues or if you “wiggle” the power plug and get intermittent power to your laptop, this service is for you. It’s a popular service and it’s a flat-rate for those that are in need! Check out our Dell Charging Port Repair here – tell a friend!

10 days till Christmas. Get that shopping done! Ryan

LG eXpo GW820 Screen Repair = Success!

Ooooohhhh doggie! We just released another HOT HOT HOT repair service! Did I mention it was HOT?

We are now performing full services for the LG eXpo GW820, and today we performed an LCD screen repair (not a glass repair like usual). Once again my Webmaster has added several new part numbers including the eXpo glass repair, the eXpo LCD repair, and the eXpo diagnostic service (which is always free!).

Here’s a picture of the eXpo that we received with the cracked LCD. It looks like an “ink” blot under the screen. Its the dark spot that you notice that renders the phone basically helpless. I mean, without the screen, using your Microsoft Office programs would be tough!

See that black spot on the screen? Not good.

Once our technicians serviced the unit, the screen under the glass is back in good shape:

Now this customer can use their phone again!

The LG eXpo LCD repair is another awesome service that was added to our lineup by customer demand. I mean, we wouldn’t add it if it wasn’t needed. We’re ready and have the parts in stock to get this repair done the same day received. Who else does that? Well, Mission Repair is the best at it and we are here for you.

Best, Ryan