HTC Surround Repair = Success!

Good afternoon all. . .how was your weekend? Mine was great, very relaxing and we finally had a chance to take down those Christmas decorations around the house 😉 Middle of January isn’t too late is it?

I came into work and I just wanted you to hear it here first – we launched our HTC Surround Repair services this morning per customer demand. These devices are very cool – you can slide out the speaker and surround yourself in sound. Share your favorite music and videos with your friends in virtual surround sound with Dolby Mobile™ and SRS WOW HD™. For added dimension and volume, just hit the surround sound button and take the party to another level. The HTC 7 Surround is designed to entertain with a fold out kickstand for hands-free viewing and hands-in-the-air fun.

The only problem is, when you drop it, the screen can break. Like this one:

Surrounded by a cracked screen ;-(

What good is “pop up cinema” with a cracked screen? It isn’t any good at all. My techs can have it repaired in 24 hours like this:

Back to movie watching fun 😉

So we are proud to bring you yet another repair from our Award Winning company, Mission Repair. Need a repair on a cell phone that we don’t have on the website? No problem, just let us know and we’ll get right on it.

Thanks, Ryan