Come See Us And Save With Our Last Minute Discount !

Hello M:R Nation –

So you will be out this weekend picking up those last few gifts before your family and friends take over your house :-)! With all of this shopping and planning that you have been engulfed in, you have forgot about that broken iPhone, Smartphone or Tablet that you are toting around! We are offering an awesome deal for walk-in customers this weekend that you just can’t beat!

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 4.45.56 PM


Come on in to our Olathe location and save 20% off of any service. All you need to do is mention the “Last Minute Discount” and like magic, the total on your repair order will shrink by 20%!

We will be open Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm, so take some time and stop on by!

Cheers, Troy

A little pre-Christmas coffee treat.

Hello friends-

It’s the weekend before a big Christmas week and it’s time for us to have a little fun- so this morning I decided to run to our local Starbucks and I asked Katie to ask if anyone at the office would like a coffee this morning. Here’s the list that she sent me in text, clearly it was too long to even fit on one page!


Just FYI, Neal’s order wasn’t exactly as placed 😉

So I recruited some help (Troy is below as one of my recuited “carry-out” helpers), cleared out the back seat in my truck, and had 3 barista’s slamming out some crafty coffees! It was like a production line and it was a fun thing to watch as they took care of business!


FYI, my order was a “Skinny Peppermint Mocha”. Yeah, that will get me in the holiday spirit! I love those. Truthfully, I like them “regular”, but after Thanksgiving and all of the holiday treats that we’ve had around the office and the house, I’m sure the “skinny” version is more appropriate.

OK, well now that I’ve got some of our employees “amped” up – we’re ready to get to work. We’ve only got 2 more production days until our Christmas break which is much needed!

Happy holidays, and I hope there’s a Carmel Brulee latte in your future!

Take care, Ryan

Gift Ideas?

Hello M:R Nation –

How is the “Holiday Shopping” going? Well, I am throughly happy to say that I only have a couple of more gifts to go and I’m done! It is getting more interesting at the Harris household as my children are getting older and more creative with their requests from Santa… Take my son Brae, for example. He has an obsession with Youtube toy reviews and recently came by a review of the “Worlds Largest Gummy Worm”. He is convinced that Santa can’t get this for him, but little does he know,  his father has special connections to the “Big Guy”.

Complete with 4000 calories!

So, before you call me a bad parent, I promise that I will only give him the allotted serving size after he has finished his dinner :)!

While I consider myself lucky that I finished my shopping pretty easily this year, I know that there are many people that are pulling their hair out to get their lists finished and will be out all weekend trying to complete it. So I would like to try to help in anyway I can and here is what I have come up with.

Troy’s Top 5 Manly Gift Ideas (That you can buy locally)

5 – Black and Decker Gyro Driver – I own one and I Love it! I am actually giving a couple of these away for christmas!

4 – Nest Protect : Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm – This is a very cool gift that any man can appreciate. I bought one for myself for Christmas and I really of feel safer!

3 – Dollar Shave Club Membership – Ok, this is not really local, it is an awesome gift for any man or woman in your life! I am  member and will be for life!

2 – A Rugged Bag – Our sister company Mission Survivor carries many Maxpedition bags, however, if you are not in the KC area and need something quickly, you can go to any outdoor store and pick up a rugged bag up. This is a must have for a guy.

1 – Mission Repair Gift Certificate – This goes without saying! Your dad, brother or husband is bound to drop their iPhone at some point or already had, why not surprise them this this awesome gift!

I hope this helps you in your quest this weekend, and please feel free to email me at to get more detailed thoughts on the items on my list. I am a believer in all of these items and think you will make someone very happy when they open their gift!

Cheers, Troy

iPad Air Glass Repair!

Hello M:R Nation –

The iPad Air is a phenomenal tablet. It has the looks, the function and the power that makes and Apple product… well, an Apple product. It is as thin as a pencil, as beautiful as the iPad Mini and faster than any iPad to date. An A7 chip and 64-Bit architecture will indeed do that for you.

When you spend $400-$500 on something, you expect it to be in the realm of awesomeness that iPad Air is in. You also expect to keep it for a long period of time and this is where Mission Repair comes in!

Cracked iPad Air screen

This is less than ideal…

We are here for you and your iPad Air and are prepared for any issue that you might have. Now, the most common issue that we have seen to date is the dreaded cracked screen. While the iPad Airs are still usable, it is very disruptive (to say the least) to maneuver around large shards of glass. It’s a dangerous game of “dodge the cut” everything you want to play “Candy Crush”.

While many of you reading this might not have a cracked screen just yet, let me just tell you that it is inevitable. My son has cracked his iPad 2 screen 3 times and that was with a case on it. It just happens. This is why you need to be ready and have us in your back pocket should such a time arise!

So if you are already in this pickle, here are a couple of helpful links to get your repair started:  iPad Air Glass Repair – Black and iPad Air Glass Repair- White. This will get you well on your way to a crack free iPad Air! If you are an iPad Air owner and want to keep us close, save our contact information (Mission Repair) and never hesitate to give us a call!

Cheers, Troy