Holiday Gift Guide From Mission:Repair


Looking for that last minute gift-giving idea? We’ve come up with a short list of items that you can still receive by Christmas!

1.  iPhone Screen Repairs:  Yes, every year we service hundreds of iPhone screens for customers that give the repair as a gift to a loved one.  iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C screen repairs are just $109 each.  Your choice!  Same day service is available.

2.  Mission Repair Gift Certificates!  We offer gift certificates in any denomination for you or your loved one to use in the future toward any purchase at

3.  iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, and 5C chargers:  These are compact and come complete as a set of one wall adapter and a cable.  You can never have too many of these at the home or office!  $15

4.  Auto USB Charging Adapters!  Simply plug this into the outlet inside your vehicle and use your cord to charge your device on the road.  These sell out fast!  $9.99

5.  iPad Mini Screen Repairs:  We’ve recently lowered the iPad Mini Screen Repair service to below the $100 mark.  Have yours repaired in time for Christmas…only $99 installed!

Gift Ideas?

Hello M:R Nation –

How is the “Holiday Shopping” going? Well, I am throughly happy to say that I only have a couple of more gifts to go and I’m done! It is getting more interesting at the Harris household as my children are getting older and more creative with their requests from Santa… Take my son Brae, for example. He has an obsession with Youtube toy reviews and recently came by a review of the “Worlds Largest Gummy Worm”. He is convinced that Santa can’t get this for him, but little does he know,  his father has special connections to the “Big Guy”.

Complete with 4000 calories!

So, before you call me a bad parent, I promise that I will only give him the allotted serving size after he has finished his dinner :)!

While I consider myself lucky that I finished my shopping pretty easily this year, I know that there are many people that are pulling their hair out to get their lists finished and will be out all weekend trying to complete it. So I would like to try to help in anyway I can and here is what I have come up with.

Troy’s Top 5 Manly Gift Ideas (That you can buy locally)

5 – Black and Decker Gyro Driver – I own one and I Love it! I am actually giving a couple of these away for christmas!

4 – Nest Protect : Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm – This is a very cool gift that any man can appreciate. I bought one for myself for Christmas and I really of feel safer!

3 – Dollar Shave Club Membership – Ok, this is not really local, it is an awesome gift for any man or woman in your life! I am  member and will be for life!

2 – A Rugged Bag – Our sister company Mission Survivor carries many Maxpedition bags, however, if you are not in the KC area and need something quickly, you can go to any outdoor store and pick up a rugged bag up. This is a must have for a guy.

1 – Mission Repair Gift Certificate – This goes without saying! Your dad, brother or husband is bound to drop their iPhone at some point or already had, why not surprise them this this awesome gift!

I hope this helps you in your quest this weekend, and please feel free to email me at to get more detailed thoughts on the items on my list. I am a believer in all of these items and think you will make someone very happy when they open their gift!

Cheers, Troy

Terrifying Tuesday!

Hello M:R Nation –

Our spooky week continues here at Mission Repair and I gotta tell you, we are having a great time. No, you won’t see cauldrons bubbling with a witches brew when you walk into our Kansas City location, but you will see some awesome deals!

Yesterday, we saw an awesome turnout for our Monster Monday Coupon! We had no idea that so many of you liked to save that much money :-)!

TerrifyingTuesdayToday, we celebrate Terrifying Tuesday! This day will not be terrifying for you however. The only person that might be terrified today is Ryan, as we are handing out $15.00 gift certificates to everyone that places an order with Mission Repair! Yes, this is true! If you place an order with Mission Repair today, you will received a gift certificate to use on your next order with us!

We are giving away only 1500 of these, so if you are contemplating on waiting until tomorrow to get your repair started, you better think again! If you are an online customer, you will be emailed the gift certificate to your provided email address. You will have a special code provided to you and you will enter that in at check out to save $15.00!

If you are planning on coming by our location today, we will hand you a crisp, clean piece of paper that you can use… well in many ways:

Photo on 10-29-13 at 9.47 AM

Like a mustache!

Photo on 10-29-13 at 9.56 AM

A hat!

Photo on 10-29-13 at 9.48 AM #3

Or a listening apparatus!

But your best option is to use it like cash, because that is the best way to describe what we are doing here! Giving you cash, for your next repair service!

P.S. Don’t tell Ryan, but I also “forgot” to disable yesterdays “Monster Monday” coupon, so if you do a little searching, you just might find yourself 20% off of your repair service today!

Cheers, Troy



Mission Repair Gift Certificate

Hello M:R Nation –

We still have a few days remaining until Christmas and what better way to tell your loved one “I Love You” by getting them a Mission:Repair Gift Certificate ? I guess you could call it an “I love you, will you get that iPhone screen repaired already” Gift Certificate.

We know how hard it is to pull people away from their computers, tablets and smartphones. It’s an even more difficult task to do it as a surprise! I know if my iPhone 5 were to randomly disappear, I would freak out, search high and low, end up conceding and buying a new one. Image how awkward of a gift that would be once opened. Don’t get me wrong, we have heard plenty of success stories when it comes to gifting a repair, I just don’t think I could pull it off or have it pulled off on me.

How do you order this wonderful gift you ask? Its easy, just click the following link to make all of your wishes come true 😉 Mission:Repair Gift Certificate. Now the way this works is it is a printable item. Once ordered, you will be able to print the certificate at home! It is that easy. No need to pay for shipping, no waiting in line and you can order it up to Friday and still have it in time to give on Tuesday. Simply put your email address in as the recipient, once the Gift Certificate is emailed to you, print it out and put it under the tree!

 You can also email that special someone the gift certificate. If you have a friend or relative that lives 1 or 1000 miles away from you, no problem! Just specify a different email address when ordering, fill in the to and from information and send away.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly at and I would be happy to help you out!

Cheers, Troy

New building is fully occupied!

Whew. . .we are 100% out of our old building and into the new. . .and what a spectacular difference this new space has made! We are not nearly as cramped and we have room to maneuver our staff around without being elbow to elbow. The new “Breakroom 2.0″ is almost completed with full service kitchen, ping pong, 52” flat panel TV with direct TV and xBox 360, foosball and all of the other “necessary” ammenities will be done in the next week or two. We are all very excited for it.

Here’s a shot of Kyle and I “conferencing” at our new conference room table this morning. . .it’s great to have a place to meet throughout the day:


The expanded phone system is working great and we are rockin here at good ol’ Mission Repair on this fine Monday morning. More pics coming very soon, and we’ll be back shortly with some cool Incase specials. Oh yeah, did I mention that we are now a reseller of Incase products? Yeah, that’s pretty cool too!

OK, back to work. (That means me). I’ll be back in touch shortly. . .Ryan