Gift Ideas?

Hello M:R Nation –

How is the “Holiday Shopping” going? Well, I am throughly happy to say that I only have a couple of more gifts to go and I’m done! It is getting more interesting at the Harris household as my children are getting older and more creative with their requests from Santa… Take my son Brae, for example. He has an obsession with Youtube toy reviews and recently came by a review of the “Worlds Largest Gummy Worm”. He is convinced that Santa can’t get this for him, but little does he know,  his father has special connections to the “Big Guy”.

Complete with 4000 calories!

So, before you call me a bad parent, I promise that I will only give him the allotted serving size after he has finished his dinner :)!

While I consider myself lucky that I finished my shopping pretty easily this year, I know that there are many people that are pulling their hair out to get their lists finished and will be out all weekend trying to complete it. So I would like to try to help in anyway I can and here is what I have come up with.

Troy’s Top 5 Manly Gift Ideas (That you can buy locally)

5 – Black and Decker Gyro Driver – I own one and I Love it! I am actually giving a couple of these away for christmas!

4 – Nest Protect : Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm – This is a very cool gift that any man can appreciate. I bought one for myself for Christmas and I really of feel safer!

3 – Dollar Shave Club Membership – Ok, this is not really local, it is an awesome gift for any man or woman in your life! I am  member and will be for life!

2 – A Rugged Bag – Our sister company Mission Survivor carries many Maxpedition bags, however, if you are not in the KC area and need something quickly, you can go to any outdoor store and pick up a rugged bag up. This is a must have for a guy.

1 – Mission Repair Gift Certificate – This goes without saying! Your dad, brother or husband is bound to drop their iPhone at some point or already had, why not surprise them this this awesome gift!

I hope this helps you in your quest this weekend, and please feel free to email me at to get more detailed thoughts on the items on my list. I am a believer in all of these items and think you will make someone very happy when they open their gift!

Cheers, Troy