Seahawks fans had 46% more phone accidents during games in the past year than Broncos fans.

Hello friends-

I heard an interesting statistic today – that 23 million phones were broken while watching sports…since it’s the Superbowl weekend, you might want to take extra care when handling your iPhone this weekend so you don’t end up as another statistic!

According to a new survey, here are the five most common ways . . .

1. Dropping it on the floor, 33%.

2. Dropping it in the toilet or spilling water on it, 18%.

3. Dropping it in BEER, 13%.

4. Throwing it in anger or excitement, 12%.

5. Letting it fall off the bar or a table, 8%.

Did you know that we here at Mission Repair already know about these breakages all too well…in fact, we made a 2-part series commercial that depicted this very phenomenon that you may or may not remember. It aired during the 2013 Superbowl at halftime:

Click to watch part one!

Click to watch part one!

And then –

Click to watch part two!

Click to watch part two!

The best part of that survey was Seahawks fans had 46% more phone accidents during games in the past year than Broncos fans. Apparently, in the Pacific Northwest, those folks a little more prone to dropping the ball, so to speak.

Well if doesn’t matter if you’re a Seahawks fan or a Broncos fan – if you do break your phone, you’re going to want a place to call to get you out of the jam. Just dial 866-638-8402 and we’ll take care of business and you’ll never even need to leave the house. We pickup, deliver and repair for your convenience; and we’ve been doing it well for years.

Whichever team you choose, good luck to you this weekend and have a great time. I know I will.

Take care, Ryan

Let Us Pick It Up!

Hello M:R Nation –

We try very hard to make your repair experience as seamless and stress free as possible. This is actually something that we work on consistently. We didn’t set up our procedures 8 years ago and leave them to sit stagnate. We work very hard to change with the times and answer to our customer comments and complaints. This is how our shipping kit was born!

The shipping kit is a big part of Mission Repair and it too has evolved over the years. Starting out as a huge, bulky cardboard boxes, we have worked hard to slim down all of our kits to not only cut down on weight, but to use less material for environmental reasons. Check out the laptop shipping kit and the changes we have made: 

Mission Repair Shipping Kit


Mission Repair Shipping Kit 2



We were able to cut the material we used in half and maintain the same protection as our old, bulky shipper. This shipping kit fits the smallest smallest of netbooks to the largest of laptops and protects your computer for its long haul to Kansas City! 

We are serious about both convenience and protection and this is exactly what our shipping kits offer! So If you have a smartphone, iPod,  tablet or laptop that is in need of attention, let us pick it up for you! You can choose this option when starting you repair order. Click the “inbound” drop-down button and select “send me a (ground/overnight) shipping kit”. From here, we will dispatch the materials to your doorstep, you package it up and call Fedex to stop back by to pick up your device for repair. It’s that simple!

If you have any further questions about our shipping kits, call Derrick in our shipping department (866-638-8402). He would be happy to answer questions you might have! 

Cheers, Troy 


“Mission Repair Express” Announced!

Hello friends, it’s an exciting time.

After months of discussion, looking at countless locations, then picking the right spot- Mission Repair is happy to announce our very first “Mission Repair Express” location. My graphics team is currently creating the new logo and look for our very first retail location that’s due to open on April 7th, 2014! Here’s a quick shot of one of the several mockups – revisions are happening almost minute to minute, so the final look might be much different:


This is tentative as we are still in the final creative stages with the logo, looks and interior of the building. The best part is that this new location will be North of our current location – closer to Kansas City – to help the ease of the drive when we receive walk in customers from 30 minutes away or more. The new location will be located in Mission, Kansas (how cool is that!?!) and will be just off of the main highway here in the metro area, I35.

I am so excited about this new location that I’ll be personally involved in every step if the way including installing the fixtures and even painting (if necessary!).

We will have a “while you wait” program, a complete accessory store, and a whole lot more from a company that you’ve come to expect nothing but amazing things 😉 We are innovating a new program that we will announce with this opening as well. Need a vanilla latte while you wait for your iPad to be repaired? No problem!

Question: What items will we service at Mission Repair Express?
Answer: iPhones, iPads, Smartphones, Computers (Mac and PC) Tablets and Gaming Systems.

Question: Will there be a grand opening celebration?
Answer: Yes! Once the paint has dried, the floors have been laid, and the inventory has been put into place, we will have a grand opening celebration with several specials and incentives. Sign Up For Our Newsletter to be the First to Know!

Question: Will we be hiring for this new location?
Answer: You bet! We are looking for several full and part time employees to fill positions…we will be open 7 days a there are several positions that need to be interviewed for and filled. More coming soon for those of you that might be looking to help expand this fun and exciting business.

Question: What will happen to your Olathe headquarters location?
Answer: Thanks for asking! In fact, we signed a lease to expand our home office as well…so in reality we are growing and opening both sites at the same time. I don’t need the sleep, I’ll do that later 😉 Shortly, when you visit our Olathe location you’ll find a front office doubled in size with a comfortable customer waiting area and new repair offerings. Things are really moving around here!

Speaking of exciting, I am truly ecstatic about the location, storefront and expansion of the business. Remember, we’re doing this so our customers will find getting their device easier than ever to repair…not because I need more stress in my life by opening another location, trust me 😉

What’s next? Stay tuned. We just signed the agreement today for the location; there’s a lot of work to be done, and we’ll document each step of the way for you to see the transformation into amazing greatness. Well, I’m expecting greatness anyway 😉

Thanks for your readership, I appreciate it. Talk to you again soon.


Cracked iPad Screen? Need A Discount ?

Hello M:R Nation –

Have you recently had the unfortunate experience of cracking the glass on your iPad? I completely feel your pain x 3! If you read this blog on a regular basis, you should be privy to the fact that my son has cracked the glass on our family iPad 2, three times over. Ok, so one of those occasions may have been my wife, but I still can’t get an accurate story!

You understand that the thing needs to be repaired. Not only for the sake of using it, but for safety reasons as well. The glass on iPads are sharp and are not fused to the LCD like smartphones and other tablets, making it much easier for the glass to fall out and injure. However, you are also willing to wait on a good deal to come around!


I totally get it and am of the same school of thought!

It took me a good while to finally get going and fix our iPad and I’m surrounded by technicians on a daily basis that could fix me up in a matter of minutes. Just put some clear tape over it until Mission Repair runs another special. Why pay full price if you can wait a day and possibly get a discount? But sometimes that day turns into weeks and months or years!

How about we put an and to the waiting and get started on your repair today? To help this process along, I am going to offer a special blog reader only discount! If you email, we will send you a 15% coupon code that you can use towards getting that iPad repaired! What better time to finally have your beloved iPad repaired than now?

This coupon is good for every model of iPad repair and for any service actually! So if you don’t have a broken price of glass, but do have an LCD issue, this coupon is for you as well! This coupon code will expire on 1/31/14 and can only be used once per order. So act fast and email us!

Cheers, Troy

Live beer and cold bait!

Hello friends- I just had to post this up for the fun of it. We live in the Midwest, and there are a lot of small towns and rural areas if you drive in between the bigger cities, and most of these are sleepy farming communities that have been around for a long time.

Case in point, we were traveling around Branson, Missouri lately and stopped to get gas. This gas station also proudly sold fishing bait, and adult beverages. You can see their advertising here, I took this picture from my iPhone while I was pumping gas:


So, I read it once and it “read” perfectly. Until I read it again and noticed a slight mix up. They aren’t selling “live” beer are they?

Well it goes to show you that a simple “typo” can make a mess. I thought it was funny and even considered that the business owner did this on purpose, but after looking around at the quality of the establishment I concluded that this wasn’t a deliberate mistake. It was just a mistake.

This brings me to my point: I own and operate Mission Repair. I typically strive for perfection in my advertising, and any tongue and cheek “slip ups” like this would be obviously deliberate if I made them – I mean, it would be part of a campaign to actually try to be funny! If you’re ever going over our website and see an obvious typo, mistake or contradiction, please email us. While we try to be perfect, I’ll be the first to admit that we are not. We are human beings doing our best! Send an email with any corrections to our webmaster and we’ll get on the changes asap.

Another small typo that I remember was when I lived in Hawaii. I don’t have a picture, but a road crew was painting “yield” on the street, except it was spelled “yeild”. Yeah, I know that wasn’t deliberate either 😉

Let us know! Have a good day. Ryan