A little pre-Christmas coffee treat.

Hello friends-

It’s the weekend before a big Christmas week and it’s time for us to have a little fun- so this morning I decided to run to our local Starbucks and I asked Katie to ask if anyone at the office would like a coffee this morning. Here’s the list that she sent me in text, clearly it was too long to even fit on one page!


Just FYI, Neal’s order wasn’t exactly as placed 😉

So I recruited some help (Troy is below as one of my recuited “carry-out” helpers), cleared out the back seat in my truck, and had 3 barista’s slamming out some crafty coffees! It was like a production line and it was a fun thing to watch as they took care of business!


FYI, my order was a “Skinny Peppermint Mocha”. Yeah, that will get me in the holiday spirit! I love those. Truthfully, I like them “regular”, but after Thanksgiving and all of the holiday treats that we’ve had around the office and the house, I’m sure the “skinny” version is more appropriate.

OK, well now that I’ve got some of our employees “amped” up – we’re ready to get to work. We’ve only got 2 more production days until our Christmas break which is much needed!

Happy holidays, and I hope there’s a Carmel Brulee latte in your future!

Take care, Ryan

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