Can one have too much pumpkin in their diet?

Hello friends,

It’s Wednesday at noon, and I’m still drinking my morning cup of coffee. Yes, it’s getting a little old, a little cold, but it still tastes like the pumpkin spice coffee creamer that Sherri brought in for the office to share.


That made me think…I’ve had a lot of “pumpkin” already this month…and with Halloween just around the corner it seems like it’ll just get a little “worse” the next few days. I won’t kid ya; I like Starbucks pumpkin lattes as a treat once in a while; I’ve also enjoyed a few pumpkin beers recently, some pumpkin bread, and of course I’m really looking forward to pumpkin pie after Thanksgiving next month.

Is that too much pumpkin? Never!

I tried to come up with a way to add some pumpkin spice to our iPhone repairs here at Mission Repair, but I’m kind of at a stand still. Should I add a pumpkin flavored “air freshener” to your return package after we repair your item to help get you in the spirit? I might be going a little far here, but I like to have fun at the business, Mission Repair is all about it’s customers, and I just might try to add a little something to all of our services shortly.

You can look forward to the scents of pine trees at Christmas for sure…

Until then, have a great day and get yourself a pumpkin cupcake for dessert after lunch today if you can!

Take care, Ryan

A little pre-Christmas coffee treat.

Hello friends-

It’s the weekend before a big Christmas week and it’s time for us to have a little fun- so this morning I decided to run to our local Starbucks and I asked Katie to ask if anyone at the office would like a coffee this morning. Here’s the list that she sent me in text, clearly it was too long to even fit on one page!


Just FYI, Neal’s order wasn’t exactly as placed 😉

So I recruited some help (Troy is below as one of my recuited “carry-out” helpers), cleared out the back seat in my truck, and had 3 barista’s slamming out some crafty coffees! It was like a production line and it was a fun thing to watch as they took care of business!


FYI, my order was a “Skinny Peppermint Mocha”. Yeah, that will get me in the holiday spirit! I love those. Truthfully, I like them “regular”, but after Thanksgiving and all of the holiday treats that we’ve had around the office and the house, I’m sure the “skinny” version is more appropriate.

OK, well now that I’ve got some of our employees “amped” up – we’re ready to get to work. We’ve only got 2 more production days until our Christmas break which is much needed!

Happy holidays, and I hope there’s a Carmel Brulee latte in your future!

Take care, Ryan


Good Morning M:R Nation,

I walked into the office this morning and noticed a slightly slower than normal pace with our customer service team (Luckily before we were open) and I found the same pace in the back with our Tech departments. It seemed like our shipping department was the only department awake:) Don’t worry, we came up with a great solution and before the doors opened and the phones kicked on we were rockin it out!

If you are running a little slow today, let this blog only 15% coupon code perk you up! This is for you, our devoted blog audience. Thank you for stoping by on a daily basis! Use Code: perky15 VALID 6/29/12 – 7/1/12

Cheers, Troy

Starbucks is here!

Hello everyone, and Happy Martin luther King Jr. Day!

I was dragging a little this morning and I needed a coffee fix. I felt that there was a little Starbucks in my future. So I ran around the office and took everyone’s orders! I felt a little guilty leaving the office just after I got here to get some coffee, so I told myself “we should all have a treat.”

So I took Troy with me and we went on a Mission. This time it was Mission:Starbucks, not Mission:Repair!

After a couple of trips from the car to the office with trays of coffees in hand, I was able to get my day started off right.

I hope your day is going well so far – take a little time to do something nice for yourself too 😉

Take care, Ryan

P.S. Yes Troy does always look like that!