What are Mission Repair’s holiday hours?

Hello friends, let’s take a look!

We will be closing for a few events this year so that all of us can get together as a group outside of the confines of our service lab and call center to gather, relax and just learn a little more about each other. It’s always a fun time! I promise to post a few pictures sometime next week. I always catch Jake in the middle of doing something hilarious.

In fact, we have a 2-part Christmas party this year. So it’s Christmas “parties” to be exact. We will be getting together at my house Saturday night and there are a ton of surprises for the employees and their guests – but we will be having a live band. That’s all that I want to give away for now 😉

Secondly, we will be having a formal “sit-down” dinner and we’ve reserved a restaurant for the entire group. While dinner is being served there will be a murder mystery show that will entertain us until we solve “whodunit”. This is going to be a ton of fun as well!


So, now that you know we’ll be having a little fun; here are Mission Repair’s Holiday Hours this season:

Monday, December 23rd – 8am to 4:30pm.
Tuesday, December 24th – CLOSED.
Wednesday, December 25th – CLOSED.
Wednesday, January 1st – CLOSED.

Otherwise hours will be normal according to our “About Us Page” here! Thank you and I appreciate your understanding about taking a little time off for the holidays. We are all about family here and it certainly comes first.

Take care, Ryan