It’s prom time, and Casey isn’t immune.

Hi friends, do you remember going to prom? I do…

Here’s my son Casey and his girlfriend at his Junior Prom last weekend, the pictures just came through on the prom website. Is he going to “love” that I posted this here on the Mission Repair blog? Nope. I will certainly hear about it tonight…but it’s not intended to make fun of him or to in any way demean the experience; my prom(s) were memorable and exciting!

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 3.54.08 PM

It’s that time of year – that time that the “tuxedo guys” are doing some great business and all of the hair stylists are booked up on the weekends.

So Casey, good job buddy – you’ve just made an excellent life memory. You will look back at this picture and laugh at your hair, or your tux, or your something else…I guarantee it. If I had the guts I’d post a picture of my 80’s Junior prom, but I don’t. I’ll keep that to myself but all I have to say is “mullet” and we’ll leave it at that!

So to honor all of the prom goers that are out there this month, we’re going to run a 15% coupon today through Easter Sunday 4/20/14 at Midnight on our Mission Repair website. Just use coupon code “casey” when checking out online or when calling in your order. If you walk into one of our locations, print this blog and hand it to your sales representative for an instant 15% savings on your new order. This coupon cannot be combined with any other coupon. You’re going to need that iPhone to take pictures!

Get that boutonnière ordered!

Take care, Ryan

What’s a virus? My Mac seems fine.

Hello friends-

I’ve been working with Mac desktops and laptops for many years now. In fact, my first Mac was a Mac SE (I actually had 4 of them to test floppy disk drives if you can imagine that) and have just fallen in love with the Macintosh line of computers ever since. I’ve owned just about every type of Mac system imaginable but I’ll admit that there were some lemons in there.

I currently use a 27″ iMac on my desk at my office and I carry a 13″ MacBook Air at home or when I travel.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 2.16.15 PM

I’m happy to report that in the 20 + years that I’ve been working with Macs- I’ve never gotten a virus in my software. Well, not one that I’ve ever noticed anyway.

I periodically read an informative blog (Macvirus) to see what others say about the security of the Mac, it’s operating system and what potential “holes” there are in the system…but there’s no denying that with all of the surfing on the internet that I’ve done, had I owned a Windows machine I would have most certainly had to upgrade my spyware/bloatware/antivirus/malware/whateverware software to keep me protected.

Now don’t get me wrong…I’m not bashing on Windows or any of the versions of Microsoft software. We use them everyday here at my business (Fedex systems for example); but the security and lack of possible viruses on the Mac operating system is enjoyable. We get computers in for virus removals every day here at Mission Repair – but the are NEVER Macs.

So without too much more discussion, you might want to take a look at a Mac for your home computer if you’re living with a clunky Windows system that can never seem to beat the virus. Take it from me, this is not a fantasy world that I’m living in, it’s reality. I just thought that I’d talk about it for a minute because I take the fact for granted- that I don’t have to think about virus issues on my systems.

If you’ve got a Mac virus, I’d like to hear about it…comment below!

Take care, Ryan

What are Mission Repair’s holiday hours?

Hello friends, let’s take a look!

We will be closing for a few events this year so that all of us can get together as a group outside of the confines of our service lab and call center to gather, relax and just learn a little more about each other. It’s always a fun time! I promise to post a few pictures sometime next week. I always catch Jake in the middle of doing something hilarious.

In fact, we have a 2-part Christmas party this year. So it’s Christmas “parties” to be exact. We will be getting together at my house Saturday night and there are a ton of surprises for the employees and their guests – but we will be having a live band. That’s all that I want to give away for now 😉

Secondly, we will be having a formal “sit-down” dinner and we’ve reserved a restaurant for the entire group. While dinner is being served there will be a murder mystery show that will entertain us until we solve “whodunit”. This is going to be a ton of fun as well!


So, now that you know we’ll be having a little fun; here are Mission Repair’s Holiday Hours this season:

Monday, December 23rd – 8am to 4:30pm.
Tuesday, December 24th – CLOSED.
Wednesday, December 25th – CLOSED.
Wednesday, January 1st – CLOSED.

Otherwise hours will be normal according to our “About Us Page” here! Thank you and I appreciate your understanding about taking a little time off for the holidays. We are all about family here and it certainly comes first.

Take care, Ryan

Microsoft Surface repair price drop! Bam, ROCK BOTTOM!

Hello everyone,

Troy just landed a great deal on some Microsoft Surface screens- so he’s running around the office “advising” everyone that there’s been a price drop. While skipping through the halls at Mission Repair works internally, I’m here to tell you that officially we have lowered the price and it’s live on our website. Check it out here, and now at a $60 price decrease!


No coupon necessary, all you need is a Microsoft Surface Tablet with a cracked screen, and we’ll handle the rest.

Have a good evening, Ryan

Microsoft Surface Repair!

Hello M:R Nation –

The Microsoft Surface continues to be a big seller in the tablet world. Microsoft is steady with their marketing campaign and reviewers are giving it two big thumbs up. This is a great thing for Apple, Samsung, Acer and Asus owners. This means the market just got that much more competitive. When things get competitive, you see better features, better design and better prices!

The only thing that seems to be missing is the support from 3rd party companies such as Mission Repair. We are not yet seeing a lot of accessories or peripherals that you see for an iPad or Galaxy Tab. You also don’t see many repair companies for out of warranty repair. In fact, in my search I only found one company currently offering repairs on the Microsoft Surface which was…Mission Repair!


Microsoft Surface Repair, Cracked Microsoft Surface, Microsoft repair

Microsoft Surface!

Mission Repair was the very first and seems to be the only repair company this offer this repair service at the moment. You ask…do you really want to say that publicly on a blog? What if others start doing this repair service? Well, the same principal above takes place here as well. When there is competition involved, the people that benefit from it is you! Now, with that said don’t wait around for them to catch up, you need that Microsoft Surface repaired NOW!

If you find yourself with a broken glass, LCD screen or both click on this link: Microsoft Surface Glass and LCD Repair Service! If you have no clue of what is going on with your Microsoft Surface, click this link: Microsoft Surface Tablet FREE Diagnostic Service!

Cheers, Troy