Work it! My Google photo shoot went well.

Hi there folks, a few weeks ago I talked about Google and their “Economic Impact” study that they are running on small businesses around the country. In fact, they interviewed 50 businesses, one from each state and my business (Mission Repair) was picked to represent Kansas!

Remember that we also received the Google Kansas choice in 2009? You might remember this article in the news:

This is a great honor. . .especially as Google also picked Kansas City as the first city in the Nation to receive their new fiber internet service that is being installed as we speak.

See this iPad? Yeah we can fix it.

As part of the interview, Google paid for a photographer to come out to our business and start snapping away. I was able to sneak one of the pics out from him, and this shows part of our new production line that is running full steam on a daily basis.

That reminds me, I need to go down and check in on them.

I’ll be back soon. Ryan

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