The Predator was in Kansas City last night!

Hello everyone, this is a quick blog about a company function we had last night…for those that were up to it, the Mission Repair team went to the downtown Kansas City movie theater where they were showing the 1987 smash hit “Predator” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes, it’s been some time since it’s release, and most of us had seen it before, but never like this!

First, there was an awesome “predator” in the lobby of the movie theater terrorizing all of us. It was actually very cool!

The special “difference” during this showing was that when there were explosions and fire in the movie, they added explosions and fire and sound effects that actually happened in the theater!!

Do you remember the movie? Here’s the ending when the Predator is about to self destruct, and Arnold was running to get away from the impending explosion:

Then when the explosion happens in the movie, the pyrotechnics team releases an explosion in the theater!

Overall it was a fun and exciting way to see an old classic movie and keep the genre alive! They announced that next month they will be showing “Die Hard” and I can’t wait!

Ok folks back to work for me. Actually I have an appointment at the Apple Store, so I’ll be back this afternoon with more blog goodies then.

Take care, Ryan

iPhone 5 repair completed at Mission Repair!

Hello again Mission Repair fans,

As I was talking about in my blog post from yesterday, we received our first iPhone 5 repair order which arrived at our service center today. The unit came in and we snapped these few pics of the customer’s device as received:

Here’s a picture of the glass once removed from the customer’s device:

Here’s the customer’s unit back in business:

Once repaired, the glass, LCD and the iPhone 5 as a whole are working perfectly. We installed a brand new glass panel today, the same day the unit was received and shipped it back out to the customer. It’s true, this is a bad situation for the customer as he just received his new phone and was excited to have it – just as we all are – and it’s definitely a bummer when accidents happen.

We here at Mission Repair have been in the repair business for years and we understand the frustrations of this scenario which is why we do our best to service our customers with speed and highest quality repairs in the industry. Mission Repair is run with the customer in mind and the customer’s experience is our first priority.

Additionally, Mission Repair’s internal production line can handle a large volume of repairs per day- So if you’re in need of a dealer account or a high-volume repair option (from 10 to 1,000 per day) to handle your IT department’s gadget repairs for your business or school, feel free to call our dealer hotline toll-free at 877-775-8959.

Have a great day,

Ryan Arter
President at Mission Repair.

My iPhone 5 arrived!

Hello everyone – I’ve been waiting patiently for my iPhone 5 to show up. Rather than brave (and suffer) running to the Apple Store a few days ago, I preordered one from with an estimated delivery of 9/27/12. Well it did arrive a day early which was a nice surprise. . .and it came directly from China via UPS rather than a local USA based Apple distribution center. Apparently shipping these out to individuals via International Shipping was a better choice for them so we could get our devices quickly!

Just for information’s sake, the shipping address originated in ZhengZhou, China.

Well here it is in all of it’s 5th Generation Glory! I opted to go with the black version and I must say that out of the package it’s a very good looking phone. I am worried about the scratches that some people are talking about on the bezel around the screen, but I’m hoping that a Clear-Coat screen protector will help me out with that!

I plugged it into my MacBook Air and like magic (and like the last versions of the iPhone) things started happening with iTunes! Truth be tod, it said to “connect to iTunes” and I had to actually click on my iTunes application in my dock. I would have thought that it would have just opened for me, but not a big deal!

I’m thrilled thus far and look forward to getting some good use in over the next couple of weeks. If I have any further comments about it I’ll post them here!

So while I’m on the topic, we have added the iPhone 5 screen repairs onto our website and as luck would have it (or should I say bad luck), we have already sold a repair to a customer. He had his phone for 1 day, dropped it, and cracked the screen. His phone will be here tomorrow and we’ll fix him up – so just remember that if you have any glass breakage on your new iPhone 5 or if you find that your iPhone 5 has a cracked screen the next time you pull it out of your pocket, Mission Repair wil take care of ya.

Alight then, once I get my Angry Birds app back on my new phone I’ll be complete again ūüėČ

Talk to you soon, Ryan

New Service:Huawei U8150 Ideos Front Glass Screen Repair!

Greetings M:R Nation –

We have another Huawei device to meet today. Please say hello the the Huawei U8150 Ideos. This phone is is the superstar of the Huawei line up and is marketed as “The Worlds First Affordable Smartphone”. The Ideos is available through T-mobile only, it has close to a 3″ screen, Accelerometer, proximity and compass sensors. Everything that makes a smartphone a¬†smartphone is in this device.

With Huawei quickly becoming a big player in the smartphone industry, this puts pressure on the other companies to give us consumers better pricing! In any case, the one thing we at Mission:Repair can say we know is smartphones, and what we know about smartphones is that they are very breakable and the Huawei U8150 Ideos is no different. This is why we are announcing today, the Huawei U8150 Ideos Front Glass Screen Repair! 

If you find yourself in a situation where your smartphone is no longer very “smart”, give us a call here at Mission:Repair (866-638-8402). If you have no way of calling us because of that broken smartphone, no problem, you can always visit us over at or email us at!

Cheers, Troy!

New Service: Huawei U7519 (T-Mobile Tap) Front Glass Screen Repair

Hey M:R Nation –

I am taking a little break from the iPhone 5 and instead, coming to you with yet another Huawei service! I would like to introduce you to the Huawei U7519/ T-Mobile Tap. This little guy is about 2 years old and is in a lot of hands. This phone has received  3.5 stars from CNET which is not too bad. It houses an FM radio, GPS, camera and a 2.8-inch display.


This phone has been a great starter phone for many people and we are finding that they just can’t let it go. We certainly wanted to make it possible for you to hold on to this phone for a long time, and this is our solution – ¬† ¬† ¬†Huawei U7519 (T-Mobile Tap) Front Glass Screen Repair service.¬†Get your order started today. We will get you fixed up and talking again in no time!


Cheers, Troy!