Good Evening M:R Nation –

It looks like  its that time of year again for all of you teachers to resume your teaching, all of you students to continue learning and all of your parents to start celebrating! I am at a strange point in life, my children are nowhere near school age, and I have not precipitated in a course in almost 10 years. Though it has been a good chunk of time since I’ve sat in a k-12 class room, I can still remember the feeling of those fresh pair of shoes, new clothes and clean note books. So I can really only relate with the students at this point until I can send Brae and Kynlee (my childern) off and packing and enjoy a day all to myself.

So from a students stand point, the last thing I want to do is go back to school with a broken iPhone, iPad or iPod! The great part is, its not too late. We can still fulfill your repair needs before school starts! This is where the parent in me comes out… How can I make this easy on the folks(PARENTS) that are actually going to be paying for this much needed accessory to be repaired? How about a coupon? Thats what I’m talking about! So here it is, a MASSIVE 20% off your entire order! You can call 866-638-8402 or visit and use coupon code: backtoschool20 valid through 8/21/12!

Enjoy, Troy

Do you need a reliable repair center for your business or school?

Hello folks, it’s no secret that Mission Repair is a leader in iPad repair. In fact, we’ve received the “Gold Award” from the independent 4 years in a row, for the best iPhone repair website on the internet! We directly reach thousands of customers each month and perform services like no other business on the planet by offering the best overnight shipping rates, amazing repair prices and the best LIFETIME warranties available. I mean the “best available” because we invented them! See our GOT REPAIR program details 😉

What makes Mission Repair even more unique is the sheer number of customers that we indirectly reach. We provide service options to over 100 other small businesses, schools and large retailers as a True 3rd Party Depot Repair Center.

You may have noticed that iPod or iPad repair was available at a retailer or online, or even in your hometown – and we have partnerships with businesses like these to perform their repairs while they make the money! All they need to do it take advantage of their location and offer the same services we offer. We give deep discounts to large volume dealers and everyone wins. . .especially the customer.

Additionally, we are giving deep discounts to schools and Government agencies that require ongoing service contracts and repairs for the 1:1 programs that are being adopted across the nation. Why pay for insurance that you may never use when we can show you how it’s going to be much less expensive by signing a Mission Repair Service Contract.

We have really stepped up our Dealer communications (we now have a toll-free dealer hotline!) that is available to all dealers that are on contract with Mission Repair. This was born out of necessity as the calls just keep coming in. Our dealer service department is staffed and ready to take on the world – one iPod repair at a time 😉 Give us a call!

Best, Ryan