Work it! My Google photo shoot went well.

Hi there folks, a few weeks ago I talked about Google and their “Economic Impact” study that they are running on small businesses around the country. In fact, they interviewed 50 businesses, one from each state and my business (Mission Repair) was picked to represent Kansas!

Remember that we also received the Google Kansas choice in 2009? You might remember this article in the news:

This is a great honor. . .especially as Google also picked Kansas City as the first city in the Nation to receive their new fiber internet service that is being installed as we speak.

See this iPad? Yeah we can fix it.

As part of the interview, Google paid for a photographer to come out to our business and start snapping away. I was able to sneak one of the pics out from him, and this shows part of our new production line that is running full steam on a daily basis.

That reminds me, I need to go down and check in on them.

I’ll be back soon. Ryan

Samsung Galaxy S III Blue and White Glass Screen Repairs ANNOUNCED!

Hey M:R Nation –

No, you didn’t misread the title. We are on the cusp of striking a deal with vendors to secure a solid stock of Samsung Galaxy S III screens. These screens are an all-in-one HD Super AMOLED assembly that is about half the thickness of the Galaxy S II screen. These screens are incredibly wicked – I’ve never seen a piece of glass so thin! Now if they can just get my TV this thin, we will be set (no pun intended).

“We have them in stock!”

Last week we received our first batch of screens and we received a relatively small number of each color (did you know that they came in white and blue?). Therefore until we get our hands on a large delivery we are selling them on a first come, first served basis (sorry no coupons or discounts will be accepted for these repairs at this time). To secure the repair, you will need to get ahold of our AMAZING customer service supervisor, Jenny. You can do this one of two ways –

#1 Email her at

#2 Call her at 866-638-8402 x119

After this stock is gone, we will set the Galaxy S III Screen repair service on BACKORDER but not to worry- you can still place your order and of course we will put you in line (in order) and contact you when these screens are back in house!

Thanks, good luck, get that order placed now!


Greetings M:R Nation –

We did not expect such a big response when we introduced the Samsung Galaxy Note i717 Glass and LCD Screen Repair (Black and White) back in June. Lets just say we were flooded with people that have been waiting for someone to step up and offer a reasonably priced repair for these awesome phones (I guess its big enough to be considered a tablet).


Well, we have learned our lesson! We just received a large stock of white and black screens and I don’t foresee a backorder issue any time soon. I have Kim (One of our AMAZING customer service associates) calling the customers on our “wait list” to give them the good news. If you happen to catch this post before she gets to you, please email her at or call 866-638-8402 x 109. She will be thrilled to help you out!

Cheers , Troy

As promised – “ACTION!”

Hello folks, did you see us last week on the air live?

Want to see how the best repair enter in the country (That’s us at Mission Repair) can repair an iPhone? It’s here live in our segment that aired on NBC!

Guess what? We have been invited to run 6 more of these spots over the next couple of months so stay tuned to that TV, I’ll be bringing more great live entertainment (and a few surprises) soon!

Thanks, Ryan