Deal Of The Week: Samsung Stratosphere Front Glass and LCD Screen Repair

Hello M:R Nation –

If you have been to the Mission:Repair  website today, you may have noticed the new Deal Of The Week we have running. It’s for the über popular Samsung Stratosphere Front Glass and LCD Screen Repair service! We have been very surprised by how many people have needed this service over the last year. We are thrilled that we can provide this service and will slip in a deal like this whenever we can!


If you’re planning on taking advantage of this awesome savings, click the picture above and get started right now! You can also call 866-638-8402 to speak with our team and get your order started!

Cheers, Troy



Samsung Galaxy SIII Screen Repairs = Success!

Hello there Friday afternoon blog readers, are you getting ready for the weekend yet? I am! The Kansas City weather forecast is looking beautiful and it appears that we’re getting a break from the intense heat. It’s a wonderful thing!

This morning I checked in with my Technician Supervisor Jake Bayes on the progress of our Samsung Galaxy SIII Screen Repairs. He just smiled and gave me a sly wink. This is his way of telling me that once again he’s the best technician on the planet 😉

I snagged the unit that he was working on and snapped this quick pic. Clearly, you can see the repaired phone. It does look amazing and is working perfectly. This unit arrived today and will be delivered back to our customer today. AMAZING. But let’s talk about the “pieces” next to the phone;

1. The cracked glass was removed in a pretty large piece. It’s clearly cracked and the prep work to remove this panel is extensive, however it’s a typical piece of glass.

2. What’s not typical is the LCD. That small piece of “tin foil looking stuff” at the top of the picture is the paper-thin LCD screen! That is the component that actually displays the video under the glass and it’s an amazing piece of technology being so thin. It just shredded when we removed the glass- not to worry, all of our Samsung Galaxy SIII repairs come with a new LCD, not a problem!

So moving forward we will be lowering our prices on this repair. We understand that it’s an expensive service but this is typical when something so new needs a new screen but as demand drives down the costs, we will always pass those cost savings on to you. Stay tuned for new pricing on the Samsung Galaxy SIII Screen Repairs!

Mission Repair, The Intelligent Choice!

Have a great weekend, Ryan

Price Drop: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ Glass Repair Service

Good Morning M:R Nation –

I have been commissioned by the man himself to lower the price on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ Glass Repair Service . This repair service has been a huge hit and has gained us a plethora of loyal customers and my technicians genuinely love servicing these devices (Just ask!

This new price is available as I type this and we have stocked up in preparation for this price drop. Please feel free to call in at 866-638-8402 if you have further questions about the service. One of our great customer service staff WILL answer your call promptly!

Cheers, Troy