Mr. Arter, you’re on!

Hello folks, you’re going to get more of Mission Repair on television.

We’ve been invited by NBC (Kansas City channel 41) to present our business in a new production they are launching called “Kansas City Live”.

Mission Repair is on the very first show and has been invited to participate in a 6-part series over the next couple of months.

So we are to arrive at the studio a 9:30am on July 25, 2012 and we go live on the air between 10:00 and 11:00am. During the show, I’ll introduce myself, my business and I’m bringing one of my technicians to demonstrate that we really can fix and iPhone and I’ll have him replace the glass panel within 3 minutes – LIVE! The pressure is on!

NBC is so excited about our business that they are allowing us a multiple-part series and each showing I’ll talk about a different subject. I’ve never been on LIVE TV before so give me a break if I look nervous 😉

OK, I’ll be talking about this a lot over the next couple of weeks. . .it’s because I’m so excited…and a little antsy. I’ll keep you posted, and if you miss the show- not to worry. I’ll post the recording right here in the Mission Repair Blog!

Take care, Ryan

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